Will Floersheimer – On His Impressive Career and Philanthropy Work

Will Floersheimer – On His Impressive Career and Philanthropy Work

While he was born in New York City, Will Floersheimer spent many of his childhood years in the quaint suburb of Greenwich, Connecticut, known for its stunning beaches, tranquil ambiance, and flourishing arts and culture scene. He learned negotiation skills from an early age as a middle child navigating discussions between his older sister and younger brother. Will attended the elite Brunswick Academy preparatory school, where he gained recognition for his skill in lacrosse as well as varsity soccer and paddle tennis. Although he continues to enjoy sports and watches his alma mater USC Trojans play in person any chance he gets, the most transformative part of his adolescence was discovering his passion for philanthropy.

Along with making numerous academic achievements, Will Floersheimer developed fluency in Spanish and Italian and became deeply involved in charity work. He received several awards in the languages and humanities during his time at Brunswick Academy, and continues his passion for these fields today. The project that made him realize the incredible benefits of philanthropy was the Blue Blazer Fund, a registered nonprofit organization he founded with close friends to raise money for Israeli youth through the sale of second-hand blazers. The proceeds from his sales and fundraising efforts, aided by successful grant applications, allowed the group to raise $250,000 for youth in Netanya. Will’s enthusiasm for charity work is only matched by his willingness to offer on-the-ground to support, as evidenced by his trip to Israeli to collaborate directly with distressed adolescents and provide them one-on-one guidance.

Following his graduation from Brunswick School, Will Floersheimer entered a bachelor’s degree program at the prestigious Marshall School of Business, part of the University of Southern California. He continued to play lacrosse while completing his studies, and soon became involved in a fraternity where he took on leadership roles in several philanthropic projects. His summers were spent working as intern in New York, first for two summers at Van Eck Global, where he learned how ETF/mutual funds manage commodities, then for one summer at Golden Tree Management, a hedge fund devoted to helping clients with poor credit. His third internship at JP Morgan Asset Management in San Francisco demonstrated his proficiency and value to the company, leading to an offer for a full-time position after graduation. When he returned home, he enjoys spending his time with family celebrating summer and holidays like Easter and Halloween.

During his time at JP Morgan, Will Floersheimer held the position of financial analyst, in which he assisted in the management of multi-asset portfolios for clients with public and corporate pension funds. He quickly earned a promotion to associate, making him responsible for creating a portfolio, allocating assets in the portfolio across markets, assembling new assets, and offering advice to clients on their investments and current market conditions. The knowledge Will gained in college courses, the hands-on experience he acquired at his internships, and the communication skills honed during years of fundraising gave him expertise in identifying philanthropic efforts. He quickly became adept at influencing the company and its clients to invest in them. While Will Floersheimer was working at JP Morgan, he became a crucial part of the team and gained respect and admiration from his supervisors, colleagues, and clients.

Will currently spends his free time volunteering at The Lord’s Place, a social services organization serving the homeless population in West Palm Beach, Florida. The organization’s goal is to help individuals and families get back on their feet, regain employment, and become self-sufficient through compassionate care and innovative programs. Will Floersheimer acts as an essential part of reaching this goal, as he frequently volunteers at Joshua Thrift Stores, a second-hand shop whose proceeds benefit the clients of The Lord’s Place. He teaches clients how to gather and price items and how to handle transactions with customers, useful skills applicable in any retail environment. He also leads auctions for fundraisers, pre-selecting items for sale, then hosting the events with kindness and enthusiasm. Help from caring volunteers like Will allowed the organization to raise an amazing $11 million during 2019.

Will Floersheimer is an experienced, incredibly talented finance associate with years of hands-on experience assisting some of the nation’s most well-known financial institutions manage diverse portfolios. He employs a broad, ever-evolving set of business, communication, and economic skills that combine with language fluency to create a well-rounded professional. His dedication to charity work demonstrates his willingness to go the extra mile. Will has spent considerable time developing the business skills necessary to help individuals in need create their own wealth. His volunteer work and financial insights combine to form the basis for a life of service. His record of impressive results in internships and his associate position at JP Morgan has provided many organizations with the resources they need to locate profitable investment opportunities, take advantage of them to drive profits, and ensure they will continue to grow far into the future.

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