Will Kylie Jenner’s Plastic Surgery Rumors Haunt Her Makeup Deal?

Will Kylie Jenner’s Plastic Surgery Rumors Haunt Her Makeup Deal?

Coty Inc., owner of brands like Hugo Boss, Sally Hansen, and Covergirl, will now own 51% of Kylie Jenner’s makeup company. This is according to a joint press release made available on November 18 by Coty Inc. and Kylie Jenner.

This strategic partnership is critical for Kylie as she takes her makeup brand to the next level.

However, Kylie’s consistent rumors over plastic surgery could cast a grey cloud over the deal. Fans mistrust the reality star, given her lies in the past over her lip fillers.

Currently, Kylie now openly admits to using injectables in her face and lips. However, this could be at odds with the objectives of her makeup company.

Fans want to buy her makeup because they follow Kylie Jenner online and want to look like her. However, the fact that she sees someone like the best plastic surgeon in Louisville could potentially be bad for the brand. Perhaps in the future she will sell injectables instead of makeup so that people can actually get the ‘Kylie Look’. 

Kylie’s new multi-million dollar partnership with Coty Inc

According to the press release, Coty Inc. will, “acquire a 51% ownership in the partnership for $600M.”

Analysts anticipate this acquisition will grow Coty’s “core fragrance, cosmetics and skin care portfolio by more than 1% p.a. over the next three years”.

Kylie will also get something out of the deal as well. Building from Coty’s expertise in the global market, they will help Kylie Cosmetics to ‘expand globally’ and ‘enter new beauty categories’.

Kylie will still be the centerpiece and face of the brand though; retaining control over ‘creative efforts’. According to the press release, this means she will take the lead on ‘product and communications initiatives’ on social media.

Coty’s Chief Executive Officer, Pierre Laubies, also added a statement in the press release. He said, “We are pleased to welcome Kylie into our organization and family. Combining Kylie’s creative vision and unparalleled consumer interest with Coty’s expertise and leadership in prestige beauty products is an exciting next step in our transformation”. 

Rumours continue to swirl around Kylie and a potential visit to the best plastic surgeon in Louisville

Like all of the other Kardashian sisters, Kylie faces constant accusations of undergoing plastic surgery.

The most recent incident happened at the end of October of this year when Kylie wore several revealing costumes. The public swore that she had a boob job before the occasion. A plastic surgeon even commented on her photos. He said that her breasts “stand up on their own which is normally not possible with breasts of this size without implants.”

Kylie has always maintained that the only procedures she has had are lip and face fillers. However, as she continues to grow her global business, she should make sure that she is completely honest with fans. If she’s caught in a lie, like she was back in 2015, the stakes are much higher now. 

Kylie’s excited about the deal

Despite the rumors she has seen someone like the best plastic surgeon in Louisville, Kylie is obviously thrilled about the deal. She has a ton of supporters, fans, and paying customers, so she definitely has a lot to be excited about. 

In the press release, Kylie said, “I’m excited to partner with Coty to continue to reach even more fans of Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin around the world”.