Windows 10X supported on the Lumia 950XL shows Microsoft’s OS rules well on mobile

Windows 10X supported on the Lumia 950XL shows Microsoft’s OS rules well on mobile

These previous few weeks have demonstrated us that Microsoft’s Windows 10X ought to be an imposing alternative to Chrome OS. It appears to function admirably with a mouse and keyboard and on laptops with touch screens. Presently, a couple of new pictures show how well it scales to a mobile form factor.

Twitter client Gustave Monce claims they figured out how to get a pre-release work of Windows 10X running on a Nokia Lumia 950 XL, a gadget that was released right back in 2015. The pictures Monce shared shows how well the upcoming software scales to various screen sizes. On the Lumia 950 XL, which includes a 5.7-inch display, Windows 10X’s taskbar fits wells at the bottom of the screen, while the quick settings panel pops up with all the elements set up.

Monce said Windows 10X reacts well to the more modest form factor, as the pictures illustrate, yet a lot of work actually should be done from a usability standpoint. In any case, on the off chance that we didn’t know better, we’d state Microsoft was getting ready to get once more into cell phones (yet we realize that couldn’t possibly be more off-base).

Windows 10X is relied upon to be a lightweight interpretation of Windows 10. As we’ve seen in past leaks, it takes a lot of inspiration from Google’s Chrome OS while as yet holding the spirit and design of Windows 10. As something that will probably be focused at enterprise and education clients, Microsoft’s new software could be prepared to have a breakout year.

As we’ve said previously, Windows 10X won’t be something you’ll have the option to overhaul your current machine to. All things considered, the software will come pre-installed on new machines like laptops that run Chrome OS. In the event that you’ve been enticed by Chromebooks before yet are embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem, the launch of Windows 10X is the perfect solution.

Windows 10X gadgets are relied upon to be released for the current year, potentially as right on time as this spring. Wouldn’t it be cool if Microsoft permitted old Windows Phone proprietors to download a working version of the software on their gadget? If only.