With a valuation of 300 million dollars, the U.S. technology company ARCELL dive into the AR market

With a valuation of 300 million dollars, the U.S. technology company ARCELL dive into the AR market

As the next generation of “platform” electronic consumer products after smartphones, AR glasses are becoming popular from 2022 to the present.

Recently, the U.S. technology company ARCELL launched a consumer-grade AR glasses, using 4-core 1.4GHz main frequency, equipped with optical waveguide program and Micro OLED display module, the weight of the whole machine is only 79g, and it can realize face-to-face translation, audio and video playback, navigation, and other functions, which has gained the industry and technology enthusiasts a strong attention.

Part 1: Industry players are getting into the game, and the market has ushered in an explosive period.

5G technology promotes the popularization of wearable devices, making AR glasses become one of the next development goals and directions of intelligent terminals. App Developer Magazine data shows that as of 2023, the global AR glasses market size has reached 15.4 billion U.S. dollars, and it is expected that in the next ten years it will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.6%, and by 2033, the market size will reach 72 billion U.S. dollars, showing a strong growth rate. reach $72 billion by 2033, showing strong growth potential.

Wide market space has also attracted many technology companies to enter this field, and at the same time, there is a new technology company with outstanding strength and outstanding performance, that is ARCELL, a startup founded in 2023, the founder is Dr. Lan from the Institute of Autonomous Driving Algorithms of the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, and the team is from Silicon Valley, and the members of the team have pioneering and successful experience in hardware, software, algorithms, and optical technology.

Strong team background and technology R & D endorsement, so that ARCELL, despite the identity of the startup to kill, still with innovative industry solutions and mass production products shocked the technology community, the company was founded only a year ago, the valuation has reached 300 million U.S. dollars, running at an alarming rate.

Part 2: Differentiated competition to seize the first opportunity to quickly lead the industry

As more and more manufacturers enter the market and continue to iterate their products, they not only play a role in exploring the market, but also promote the overall maturity of consumer AR glasses technology.

In order to quickly seize the industry lead, ARCELL, which has just entered the market, has cooperated with outstanding upstream suppliers on one hand, laying the foundation for creating mass-produced AR products that lead the industry. On the other hand, the company always keeps its focus on advanced technology, and through self-developed ZVERO OS system, it improves the computing performance, reduces the power consumption, optimizes the interactive experience, establishes an uploadable App Store, and establishes a good product ecosystem for developers.

As for the optical solution that determines the experience of AR glasses, compared with the mainstream Birdbath (BB) solution used by most manufacturers, ARCELL takes the lead in adopting the more costly but more advanced optical waveguide solution, which not only well solves the pain points of AR glasses such as large size, non-portability, poor visual effect, single scene, etc., but also supports the enhancement of the consumer experience with its underlying technology.

It is worth mentioning that the differentiated advantages of the optical waveguide solution are destined to be the home of consumer-grade AR and become the industry-recognized direction for the future iteration of AR glasses.

Based on the optical waveguide solution, ARCELL AR glasses adopts a 4-core 1.4GHz main frequency, carries 1.5mm thin and light optical waveguide lenses, supports 100% sRGB full-color display, with a light transmittance of up to 83%, continuous endurance of 5.5 hours, and the whole machine weighs only 79g, which has the leading advantages in terms of lightness, light transmittance, and brightness.

Part 3: Expanding scenario-based application, balancing practicality, entertainment and fashionability

Regarding the core concept of AR products, ARCELL team especially emphasizes on scenario-based application, insists on “pragmatism + portability”, and makes a trendy, useful and fun AR glasses for users.

It is understood that ARCELL AR glasses can meet the needs of daily wear, provide users with simultaneous translation, video playback, photo recording, directional sound delivery, real-time navigation and other scenario services, support intelligent voice control, so that intelligent AR glasses out on the street, daily use has become a reality. What’s more, its fashion attributes are more likely to impress users.

ARCELL team believes that the key to open the consumer market for AR glasses is that the product should be young and fashionable, light, and comfortable, it is firstly a normal fashion item, as natural as the public wearing glasses, and secondly, it is smart glasses. Because of this, ARCELL has been committed to creating fashionable technology hardware, so that AR glasses can really integrate into people’s daily life.

With rich application scenarios, practicality, entertainment, and fashion, consequently, the heat and sales of ARCELL AR glasses have far exceeded expectations. Public data show that the sales of ARCELL AR glasses have exceeded 1w units, becoming one of the few brands of all-in-one AR glasses in the industry that really realize the scale of shipment.

Part 4: “AR + AI”, the ultimate destination.

How to perceive, how to understand, how to interact, how to collaborate and digital content creation is the ability that AR glasses must build. With the arrival of revolutionary breakthroughs in AI technology, AI-enabled AR glasses may be the “optimal solution” to realize the above functions.

ARCELL team’s idea coincides with the industry players, they believe that AR glasses will be the “strongest carrier” of AI, because AR glasses have almost the same visual ability as human beings, combined with the screen and speakers, it can really free your hands, and allow AI to “see” and then transfer the processed data to AI, which will be the best solution to realize the above functions. “After seeing, the AI will quickly present the processed information in front of the person in the form of image, text, or voice, realizing the companionship of AI at all times. In the CHATGPT4.0 era, “AR+AI” will be an important trend in the industry in the next 2-3 years, and ARCELL team firmly believes that the most important new hardware brought by AI is AR glasses.

At present, in the “AR+AI” area, ARCELL is cooperating with SCALE AI, a global artificial intelligence unicorn company, to deeply integrate artificial intelligence with AR glasses, redefine the way of human access to information, and thus bring subversive experience.

ARCELL said that with the empowerment of AI technology, ARCELL will realize the application of artificial intelligence and automated screening of basic information in the glasses and turn the AR glasses into a “personal assistant” with a strong brain, similar to “Jarvis” in Iron Man, presenting the AR experience in front of people’s eyes with higher efficiency and safer interaction, and promoting the industry to enter the Empower stage.

Now, the AR boom has arrived, and the development direction and prospect of the industry have gradually become clear. ARCELL, which has the advantage of technology development and industry chain integration ability, obviously believes that it is the perfect time to enter the market and is ready to compete with the global technology giants.

According to ARCELL team, the company will start from the hardware, software, algorithm whole chain underlying technology, with continuous innovation of technology and solutions, to create more hands-free revolutionary smart glasses products, to accelerate the opening of the entrance to the meta-universe.