With honesty and perseverance, Rasmus Peter Kristensen has crafted a niche for himself as a travel influencer, founding an Instagram page called “Resort”

With honesty and perseverance, Rasmus Peter Kristensen has crafted a niche for himself as a travel influencer, founding an Instagram page called “Resort”

With extreme hard-work and honest opinions, Rasmus has amassed a following of over one million online through Resort.

A travel influencer/blogger gets to travel the world, and also get paid for it. Many consider “getting paid for the job you love” a dream job, but it takes a lot to realize that dream. It is with great dedication, passion, honesty can one become an earning travel influencer. The goal of any aspiring travel blogger should be to give the best quality service with innate detailing and honesty. A prime example of succeeding in this way is the leading travel influencer, Rasmus Peter Kristensen.

Kristensen is an experienced travel blogger who achieved incredible success with his honesty and perseverance, along with his passion for travelling. He poured his soul in garnering a dedicated audience. Rasmus has dedicated his whole life to travelling, as he finds solace in it. Here, he lists out essential tips for becoming a successful travel blogger:

1. Read books: Rasmus recommends exploring different travel books for attaining success, as one should get their basics right. Rasmus advocates the theory of constant learning and states that he still reads new articles and books to keep learning about the field.

2. Think Different: To write a blog, one must think out of the box, create different writing styles, or write on unexplored topics to gain momentum online. Writing in existing, run-of-the-mill style, will lessen the impact of the written content.

3. Invest in your blog: Rasmus believes that to gather a bigger reach, bloggers must invest in their blogs/websites. It may feel too expensive, but it is a very vital part of succeeding in the industry. These investments will catapult into the viral space of the web.

4. Be relatable: As per Rasmus, consumers want relatable and independent travel content because only then will they be inspired to follow you. If you showcase pictures or write blogs about a multi-thousand-dollar trip to the Bahamas, then you might lose the audience, as they will feel it does not cater to their travel plans. So, a travel blogger must have the ability to be relatable to diverse consumers.

5. Be persistent: Any great work of art takes time, Rome wasn’t built in a day, just like that, blogging requires patience and persistence. Rasmus advises that travel bloggers must not lose hope and continue to write about their travel plans with honesty and dedication. He recommends bloggers to write reader-centric articles for quicker success.

Rasmus is one-of-a-kind travel influencers, who travels all over the world with his wife at his side. He has garnered a following of over 1.1 million on his Instagram page “Resort”. Rasmus Peter Kristensen, with his honesty and perseverance, has created a niche for himself.

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