With iOS 14, Apple gives Indian clients some extra by including special features

With iOS 14, Apple gives Indian clients some extra by including special features

A few weeks from now, most likely on the night, Apple launches the iPhone 12, the iOS 14 will be turned out to iPhone clients in India. As of now the software is in public beta and can be used, however, regular clients will improve to wait for some additional time. While nearby customizations have consistently been an aspect of the iOS, this time Apple is including a few special features that are tailor-made for Indian clients.

Of all the India-specific features, the two that are probably going to demonstrate famous with Indian clients are SMS filtering and making of playlists in Apple Music based on an actor.

Dissimilar to in global markets where music is frequently categorized and looked based on an artist, in India, because of the tradition of song and dance in Bollywood, music is regularly connected with an actor. Thus, Chaiyya chaiyya is a song we partner with Shah Rukh Khan and not Sukhwinder Singh. A significant number of the famous songs that Mukesh sang are perceived as songs of Raj Kapoor. With iOS 14, Apple is making it simpler for Indian clients to discover and sort their music using the name of an actor rather than an artist.

SMS filtering too is required to make life simpler for Indian clients. The Messages application in the iOS 14 will categorize and filter SMS based on the number they are using. This implies the messages with OTP will go into a different category and won’t be mixed with messages from your companions. To make this feature Apple has taken care of thousands of phone numbers used by banks, delivery services, cab services, and so on into its system, alongside alphanumeric sender id, for example, AX-ICICIB, and has made a smart filtering system. The messages in the iOS 14 will be placed in Promotional, Transactional, and Junk folders. It sounds promising on paper and Apple says that the Messages application in the iOS 14 will have the option to automatically filter and label SMS messages.

Other than these two features, there are a few other significant India-specific updates in the iOS 14.

  • The iOS 14 accompanies 20 new document fonts. The current 18 fonts have likewise been improved and are given more weight and italics so there is a superior decision of the stylising text.
  • The iOS 14 will uphold email addresses in Hindi and other Indian scripts.
  • Another key feature update for Indian clients in the iOS 14 is smart download. Indian clients will have the option to download Siri voices and software updates, too Apple TV+ shows over cellular networks. No more Wi-Fi just prerequisite.
  • Talking of Siri, it gets another Indian voice in iOS 14. This new voice will use neural text-to-speech technology to sound natural.