With the assistance of OpenAI, Salesforce follows Microsoft in releasing AI tools for salespeople

With the assistance of OpenAI, Salesforce follows Microsoft in releasing AI tools for salespeople

The tech giant Salesforce is the most recent to join the ChatGPT mania.

On Tuesday, the company stated that it would release software that incorporates artificial intelligence to assist marketers, customer service representatives, and salespeople in their work. Salesforce has given the product the name Einstein GPT because it uses the technology from OpenAI, which has become so popular in the tech industry since the Microsoft-backed startup opened ChatGPT to the public in November.

Top technology companies are trying to take advantage of the growing interest in generative AI, which can learn from pools of internet data and produce text or other information. Companies that sell to governments and large corporations are advised to proceed with caution because these AI models occasionally display incorrect information.

“We’re moving as quickly as we can without compromising the responsible ethical approach,” Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce’s Service Cloud business, said in an interview.

As it adds AI features to its rival Dynamics 365 software, Microsoft is attempting, like Salesforce, to minimize the dissemination of incorrect information. After announcing a similar feature for sales representatives last month, Microsoft announced on Monday that users can join a waiting list for a customer service feature that automatically drafts email messages. Microsoft is incorporating OpenAI’s chatbot into its Bing search engine separately.

A chat box with technology that can write an answer to a question based on information already stored in Salesforce will be one feature that Salesforce is introducing in Service Cloud. The automatically generated response can be edited by agents, or they can press the send button.

Salesforce, which has gone under strain of late by lobbyist financial backers to turn out to be more productive, hasn’t settled the evaluating or the timing for the new highlights. The first thing executives want to see is how things work for organizations participating in Salesforce’s pilot program.

Salesforce has taken a number of measures to ensure that Einstein GPT’s capabilities do not mislead individuals. The company has limited the amount of data that can influence the response, in addition to involving a human agent.

Microsoft and Salesforce are demonstrating services that can write marketing emails. The brand-new AI components of Microsoft Dynamics are referred to as Copilot.

“It’s not Autopilot,” said Charles Lamanna, a corporate vice president at Microsoft. “It gives me options, but I am the editor. I choose the option that goes into the campaign.”

A new ChatGPT app for Slack that can display Salesforce-derived data is also being promoted by Salesforce. Shih stated during a Monday media briefing that OpenAI developed the application and has been utilizing it for the past few months. A spokesperson for Salesforce stated that a waiting list for the Slack app is available for sign-up.

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, is in on the hype. During the company’s earnings call last week, he mentioned AI 14 times.

“In combination with our Data Cloud and deeply integrated with Customer 360, including Tableau, MuleSoft and Slack, Einstein GPT will open the door to the next level of intelligence and drive digital transformations in our new AI world,” Benioff said in a statement about the new offering.

According to Shih, Salesforce began using OpenAI’s language models more than a year ago, but the industry’s excitement sped up the process of providing customers with early access to the new features.