WorldAuthors.Org an excellent platform for you to promote your books and writing work!!

WorldAuthors.Org an excellent platform for you to promote your books and writing work!!

More often than not, it is easy to write a book or poems or anything for that matter, the difficulty arises when it comes to promoting our writing work somewhere. Some of the platforms are so extensively expensive that it becomes really tough to even think of promoting our writing there.

Then, what’s the solution?

Well, solutions are many, but the best is to register yourself with WorkAuthors.Org!

Ask why……

WorldAuthors.Org is the world’s first and only global platform for authors which is Not for Profit Organization!! 

WorldAuthors.Org is in fact, a premium destination for people who want to have information or news related to their favorite books and authors. Here at World Authors Organization, we share all the trending news of Books and Authors from all across the world. Our objective is to keep you updated and motivated to know more and read more! 

And from March 1, 2020, we are staring WorldAuthors.Org membership program for all the authors aspiring and existing to help them have multiple benefits from this platform. 

Here are the benefits of membership at a glance: 

  • Affordable Membership Fee. You don’t have to pay high!! 
  • You Only Pay Once. YES! It’s a Lifetime Membership.
  • You can have a professional author profile of yours on WorldAuthors.Org
  • You will have the prerogative to publish your write-ups, poems, stories, articles etc. on WorldAuthors.Org. And yes, there is no limit to publish on this platform. Here you can pour your heart out! Just Login and Get Started
  • Moreover, whatever you will post on WorldAuthors.Org Blog will be shared on WorldAuthors.Org Official Facebook and Twitter Handle. 
  • All the newbies (who are just beginning to write) can also promote their book on WorldAuthors.Org for FREE as many times as they want after becoming a member. 

I am sure you are excited to get all these benefits at the earliest. So, wait no more just register yourself with us and start taking benefits. 

Besides, members will be getting Membership Certificate, Members ID Card and Badge, Authors Business Cards, Blog and Letter Heads or Websites. They will also get flat 25% off on all WorldAuthors.Org Publishing and Promotional Services. 

We already have an App for Android, and soon we are coming up with an app for IOS as well!!

So, wait not! Just register and start taking all the benefits!!