(To help you increase the value of your business)

Richard Mowrey is a recognized expert in business valuation and complex business ownership transfers. He announced today that his “members only” site is now FREE. It is open to all interested business owners. The information inside this site has helped many business owners prepare their businesses for sale…at the Right Price…in the Right way…at the Right Time!

Richard is the author of the #1 International Best Seller: When is the Right Time to Sell My Business? This step to make this site FREE is a continuation of Richard’s drive to provide business owners with easy to use information. The knowledge base has assisted many business owners over the years. It has helped them systematically increase the value of their businesses. And…it has aided them in preparing plans for a quick and quiet ownership transfer.

Here are just some of the extensive information that is now readily available to business owners:

• Business Valuation Articles – on topics to enhance knowledge in this critical area

• Value Engineering Resources – which support operational improvements

• Ownership Transfer Information – to provide tools to aid in preparation for a sale

• Business Journal Issues – on a variety of topics important to owner’s everyday

• Check Lists – to guide you along your way to a successful ownership transfer

• Books to Read – to provide a focused list of places to find new business knowledge

Every business owner can expect a great return on the time they invest in learning all they can from the information at www.MergerMentor.com. The materials are provided at the right depth is easy to read and use formats. There are great amounts of valuable insights to put to use!

Too few business owners know about Dismal D’s. What they do not know can hurt them and their families. They need to take specific steps to protect their businesses from the impact of Dismal D’s. The “Secret” to addressing these lurking problems is in a special free report on the site. It alerts business owners of the important benefits of taking early actions.

If you are a business owner go to: www.MergerMentor.com to register! Start down a proven path to dramatically Increase Your Wealth with the Power of Your Business!

Please Remember: The dates in your scheduling book and in your business life are much closer than you think!