Yassine Medaghri-Alaoui : An Aristocracy of business industry and entrepreneurs

Yassine Medaghri-Alaoui : An Aristocracy of business industry and entrepreneurs

What people presently endeavor to be is to become eccentric and different from others. Well , they are not wrong in envision and travail towards becoming different and as most of the industries and fields are already filled with people that are renowned names and the ones who have already created their legacy .

Yassine Medaghri-Alaoui. was born in a pleasant  family .His  dad was the director of the IRS for 15 years and then held up some governmental positions in the past and his mom who is the daughter of one of the most foremost  business owners in the north of morocco. He was always kind of significant   between choosing a political career or going for business. As time started going he  started to discover the hidden aspect of his  personality and began to explore them.

He  discovered the hidden aspect of his personality and began to explore them.
At the moment he is working on many different businesses, here are a few businesses .
REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT :He has been working in real estate at age 17 going from door-to-door to collect the rent like in the old days, he really liked it until one day he started to find it difficult to ask people to leave their apartments because they haven’t paid, .one day even started crying when his administration ordered the tenants to leave because they didn’t have anything to pay and he didn’t like it because he really loved the person that was living in there and it was a family . At that moment he  told himself that he never ever wanted to live this experience of being thrown out of my own house and at that moment .Real Estate has always been present and it will always be, it’s a matter of succession and of family history.
AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY : He have a monopoly over all car concessions in the north part of morocco owning more than seven big brands with the market capitalization in the region that’s exceeding 85%. This sector is his main sector in terms of capitalization and in terms of numbers. Morocco has a growing economy with only 7% of the people on a car leaving more than 93% of American households and families without a way of commuting privately. His main goal right now is to bring tesla to morocco .
ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT AND SCHOOLS It’s always good to diversify they say, 2018 I started to start up with a friend of mine that lives in Hong Kong called Elite World alpha trading, the school that’s located in Dubai allows high school students to come and learn about trading. So he came there to share his experience and also give the little secrets of the trade when it came to Luxury business.
HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY : Yassine did a lot of explaining campaign where he spoke with many young people and old people who weren’t educated at all about the risks of the pandemic and how to deal with them.
MANAGING RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL RENT : Right now with short term rentals and Airbnb and Bookings being trendy, heworis king on developing multiple thousand more units and turning them into touristic locations for people to come spend their time will have the capacity to offer them luxurious stay in the region they are renting from.
TOURISM INDUSTRY / LUXURY CONCIERGE SERVICE When it comes to the tourism industry he owns a company called Global Elite Team that does Luxury concierge services around the world .

We can gratifyingly say that Yassine is a self-made successful businessman who has created a strong presence across various industries.

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