Yatin Kukreja-The next-gen producer who typifies the world of entertainment

Yatin Kukreja-The next-gen producer who typifies the world of entertainment

Yatin Kukreja is trying to leverage all his skills and talents to make his name count as the new generation producer of India.

As days pass by and as the digital world takes a massive leap in the entertainment world as well with the increase in the number of web series on various OTT platforms and the release of many groovy songs, more and more youngsters and many up and comers are looking forward to changing the face of the digital entertainment medium and platforms with their astute business skills and their creativity with producing much trendy and happening stuff in the online world. One such up and comer is a Delhi based producer named Yatin Kukreja. This young blood has a lot of promise and shows great signs of becoming the New Generation Producer of our country.

Especially looking at the current unfortunate world scenarios caused by a pandemic, many young producers are launching their own careers into the digital entertainment world by giving a platform to many other young artists and creators that cater to the music industry, web series space, movies, etc. Kukreja is amongst those brilliant men who have an eye to find the right talents and through this skill, he looks forward to scouting for new talents that can bring about the best on the platform in terms of their songs, films, web series, shows, etc. in which Kukreja can invest proudly.

Kukreja is one of the youngest producers from Delhi who is looking out for ways he can invest a lot more on bigger projects with only one aim in mind – to offer the best entertainment to people, something that impresses them to the core and keeps them entertained for a more extended period of time with his innovative projects along with new and fresh talents.

The young generation producer believes that web series and songs are the future of the entertainment industry and new producers must know how to take this to their maximum advantage by believing in new talents and producing content that in some way touches the right chords of people and make them want more of the same.

The latest song that Kukreja has given his contributions to is Desi Music Factory’s record-breaking number “CUTE SONG”

by Aroob Khan Featuring Satvik Sankhyan. The song has already garnered more than 3 million views in a short period of time, and the audiences and listeners love it totally.

Slowly and steadily, our country is evolving more in many aspects in different industries and thanks to the younger brigade like Kukreja for making this possible. We won’t be surprised if Kukreja ultimately becomes the best and the top-notch New Generation Producer and makes our country proud with his talents and expertise at such a young age.