Yevgeniy Kim: “It is important not to stop and to reach the goal, then success is guaranteed!”

Yevgeniy Kim: “It is important not to stop and to reach the goal, then success is guaranteed!”

A successful entrepreneur should be cautious, wise, and pragmatic, thinking about possibilities rather than problems, and never stopping at what has been achieved. Following these principles, Yevgeniy Kim, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Redyl LLC, confidently walks along the path of life, realizing his ambitious goals and dreams.

He knows practically everything about wholesale and retail trade of children’s clothing and shoes. After opening a retail offline store, Yevgeniy understood that one could earn quite well. He also realized that a strategy, a clear plan, and resourcefulness were important. Fully immersed in the process, trying out various modern business strategies, the young man grew from a novice entrepreneur to a successful businessman, not afraid to expand the scale of his trading activities to opening a chain of retail stores and organizing wholesale business. But that was not enough for him, so he started working on creating and launching his own children’s clothing brand in Kazakhstan.

Yevgeniy always paid attention to a careful selection of suppliers, searching only for the best brands and factories. He spent a lot of time setting up processes related to fast logistics and customs clearance of goods. This paid off: the small warehouse space of 30 square meters grew to 800 square meters. A permanent team of 10 employees was formed and continues to work successfully.

Today, the company in the wholesale business cooperates with over 1000 regular clients. And it is not only traders from Kazakhstan but also from Central Asia and the CIS countries. Despite periodic problems, the business not only survived but also achieved good results. The company’s turnover reached 2 million dollars per year, which is already a significant contribution to the country’s economy.

Yevgeniy’s character, shaped by his constant involvement in sports and continuous self-improvement, helped him achieve such success. By attending various business trainings, seminars, and courses, he also devoted a lot of time to educating and motivating his employees, conducting team building and other events aimed at increasing the company’s efficiency. Engaging in mentoring, the businessman actively helped young entrepreneurs develop their businesses. He trained 18 people, most of whom achieved good results.

After moving to the United States of America, Yevgeniy Kim began to diligently conquer the expanses of the Amazon marketplace. This niche has captivated him so much that in his first year of work, he served over 16,000 customers, and sales volume reached $1.5 million. Excellent results allow him to build grandiose plans. His future goals are to grow and scale the business on Amazon, create jobs, and build a team to promote his own product. And there is no doubt that on this field, the businessman will succeed and conquer the planned heights.