Yik Chan starts YNC Entrepreneurs Club to help people manage their business ventures

Yik Chan starts YNC Entrepreneurs Club to help people manage their business ventures

Hailing from Hong Kong, Yik Chan has inspired mass by his life journey. He is the founder of YNC Academy and YNC Entrepreneurs Club. He envisioned and guided people to see the possibility in the business world by sharing his experiences around the globe. He started YNC (Your Noble Conscience) owing to his belief that one has to follow conscience to make decisions and make the RIGHT choice. Not for the sake of money, fame and power but for love and gratitude to the universe.

He proudly owns 4 companies in 4 different industries: Travel, e-Commerce, Education and Real Estate Investment with staff in Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia among other prominent places. In order to utilize his wide set of experience, he started the YNC Entrepreneurs Club. Through this club he guides people to efficiently manage their businesses, with the purpose of creating value, doing good practice and help as many people as he can through amazing products and services. He constantly invests his efforts into achieving his aim to uplift 1 million people through teaching business and spiritual study.

During struggling days, Yik Chan with his fiancé Cherry Ng faced a lot of difficulties and roadblocks into finding reliable and helpful sources that can guide them into building up a successful business. Accumulating, sorting and furbishing all his learnings that he earned a hard way throughout his journey, he thought of gifting it to aspiring entrepreneurs who seek guidance for result-oriented efforts. For this, he contributes his service as e-Commerce Coach, Business Coach, Meditation/Spiritual Coach and Motivational Speaker.

The professionalism, quality and well-researched content of his teachings make it stand out. His teachings, actions and approach rightly reflect his belief that the only purpose that we are alive is to contribute back to society! He believes that companies that are making big money are the ones creating an equal amount of value to the community. He states he has a dream to uplift 1 million people and he wants a group of entrepreneurs to contribute in this effort and make this happen together!

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