Young Filmmaker Grish Majethiya’s Award-Winning Short Film ‘Decision’ To Be Telecasted On MTV This Sunday

Young Filmmaker Grish Majethiya’s Award-Winning Short Film ‘Decision’ To Be Telecasted On MTV This Sunday

Grish Majethiya’s Debut short film ‘Decision’ is selected in the top 100 films among 38,000 filmmakers from 332 cities and 19 countries! It will be telecasted on MTV India at 9 pm on 7th Feb 2021. This short film was made in only 50 hours, right from the story-script, shooting, editing, music everything in only 50 hours for a film festival called 50 Hours Filmmaking Challenge Season X by India Film Project on 27th & 28th September 2020 during the Lockdown.

The film is about a college student Ashutosh who is working on a new scientific invention that can Change The Entire World. His mentor Akash always guides & motivates him whenever he is stuck somewhere. Finally, after 3 years of hard work and dedication, Ashutosh succeeds in his invention but nature wants to test him one last time! Will he take the right DECISION?

Filmmaker Grish Majethiya said that the first challenge that came was of team members, I was alone and had zero budget for this film as I’m still a school going, kid. I tried a lot to find people interested to work together, few were not in the same location, few were busy with other work, but finally, the team was ready! And the team gave their best in such a short time!

I would thank each & every team member as it won’t be possible with everyone’s efforts! Those 50 hours have become an unforgettable memory, those sleepless nights & empty stomach!

The Decision is a Hindi language film and relates to a genre of Drama, Thriller, Social Message, Experimental

The Director, Producer & Writer of this film is Grish Majethiya. This film Starring actor Grish Majethiya as Ashutosh Thakkar, Akshay Borude as Akash. The Director Of Photography is Rushi Pinjare. Assistant cinematographers are Rushikesh Gayke and Sanskar Hiwrale. Editor & VFX by Moses Kharat, Shobhit Nagpal, and Nitin Vishnu Kute. Music by Nitin Vishnu Kute, Shumiron Das, and Ezik. The Production Company is GM Productions.

GM Production’s ‘Decision’ has won several awards including Top 100 in IFP’s 50 hours Filmmaking Challenge, Selected for telecast on MTV, Official Selection in ACCSF 2020, Official Selection in First Time Filmmaker 2020, Miniflix Official Selection.

About Filmmaker: Grish Majethiya is a Young Filmmaker & an Actor from Aurangabad, Maharashtra. He is only 16 and studying in class 11th. The short film “Decision” is his debut film as a Director but he has worked on many projects as an actor, which includes TV show ‘EPIC IQ’, International Series ‘Legendary Locations’ and many more. He is also the Acting Winner of the TV Reality Show ‘No. 1 Dramebaaz Season 3’.

Grish said that throughout the journey of an actor, the interest in Making Film grew up in his mind. The first time when this thought came into his mind was in class 10th when he was reading a story in his English TextBook, he thought what if there was a short film on the story of the chapter.