Young Interventional Pulmonologist from Nagpur, Dr.Sameer Arbat is a youth icon

Young Interventional Pulmonologist from Nagpur, Dr.Sameer Arbat is a youth icon

Dr. Sameer Arbat is the first doctor to have Central India’s only EBUS and Cryotherapy setup. He is a successful and hard-working Interventional Pulmonologist who has several international publications under his name. His dedication to his work earned him the award for Outstanding Contribution to Respiratory Medicine on an International Platform in 2020.

Being an outstanding healthcare provider has not prevented Dr. Arbat from being a connoisseur of the more progressive elements in life. He is a great appreciator of literature, graphic designing, arts, architecture, interior designing, automobile designing, music, and pop culture. He has trained himself to be a certified commercial artist, photographer, and contemporary dancer. This accomplished man also has a short movie submission to Pepsi London Film Festival 2012 from India to his credit, owing to his keen interest in cinematography.

Dr. Arbat prizes his well-known books, superb car collection, personalized limited-edition memorabilia, art pieces from different countries, and an exquisite music library covering more than ten languages and genres. However, it is his new house called ‘Casa Felice’ that he considers being his best achievement to date. It is a neo-modern apartment and has been covered by multiple international magazines and television channels.

Apart from being an all-rounder in life and acquiring new skills over time, Dr. Arbat also loves to travel the world with his wife, Tulika. Together they have scaled the glaciers of Alaska, admired the northern lights in the Nordic region, and witnessed the great migration of Masaimara Kenya. They are a maven for gourmet foods and claim to have visited all of the world’s most recommended fine dining restaurants.

With an ever-impressive list of achievements to his name, Dr. Arbat is an idol for the younger generation. His actions are a source to those who wish to excel in life. Moreover, he proves to the world that one can continue to develop their skills in fields that don’t have relevance to what they specialize in. Dr. Arbat’s down-to-earth personality and humble demeanor to people around him, despite his position, is what makes him a great human being.