YouTube Music for Android has a Redesigned Share Sheet

YouTube Music for Android has a Redesigned Share Sheet

When compared to Google apps developed by third parties, the YouTube app family has a distinct design language. With the revamp of YouTube Music for Android’s custom share sheet, this trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

The grid-based sheet that occupied two thirds of the screen when you tapped “Share” has been replaced. Rather, it has shrunk significantly, with a carousel that displays around five targets on each panel.

Below are buttons for “Copy link” — which was previously the first option in the 3×5/6 grid — and “Share with other apps” to open the system Share sheet. The new size, which takes up around a third of the screen, is more convenient to use one-handedly, but it may irritate you if you share to numerous apps on a regular basis.

Although the primary client has rounded sheets, this style is consistent with the YouTube app. YTM covers every angle about pop-ups.

Before making its way to YouTube Music for Android in recent days, the personalized share sheet revamp was initially released for iOS.