YouTube on Android tests coasting comments section when viewing landscape video

YouTube on Android tests coasting comments section when viewing landscape video

YouTube on Android has gone through various changes and tweaks, and has a lot of progressing UI tests. The latest looks to be a floating window for YouTube comments section when viewing videos on Android.

At the point when you go full-screen with a video, the comments section presently disappears. The only exception to that is when viewing live streams, where a live chat log will show up on the left side of your display, semi-obscuring whatever you happen to be watching. As indicated by Android Police, some Android clients have recognized a floating comment box on the YouTube application when going full-screen with content.

Reports on Reddit and Twitter hint that this is certifiably not an uncommon event all things considered. A lot of individuals are seeing the floating comments alternative, which permits you to scroll down a whole YouTube video comment section. What’s more fascinating is the means by which the video is really dealt with. At the point when you go full-screen, the comment box slides from the right side of your display and the video content is limited somewhat so that nothing is obscured.

It helps us to remember how Apple has carried out multi-window application views on iPad OS, in that it feels a little cluttered yet works admirably. Swiping this panel down just minimizes the floating comments section and extends any YouTube video you’re presently watching. In the event that you like reading the comments section when watching a video on your Android gadget, this seems to be a genuinely decent solution.

This floating comments panel or window really seems as though a superior method to execute live chats on YouTube live streams, something that isn’t that fun on mobile as of now.