YouTube releases a feature that permits clients to reuse their long-format videos as shorts

YouTube releases a feature that permits clients to reuse their long-format videos as shorts

Well known videos sharing platform YouTube has released a new feature that permits clients to create new content from their current videos, as Shorts. The feature is accessible on both Android and iOS gadgets. With the feature, clients will actually want to import a short portion of their long-format video as a short video and publish it on the platform.

“To make it easier to create even more new content, you can now convert up to 60 seconds from your own existing long-form YouTube videos and turn them into Shorts.” Further, to do this, clients will get the very editing tools that they have for editing long-form videos like text, timeline, editor and filters.

Clients can now make Shorts out of long-format videos

In the event that clients select a part of their video that is under 60 seconds, they can shoot extra videos with the Shorts camera or upload additional videos from their gallery to make 60s Shorts. Further, the Shorts that are made utilizing the feature will contain a link that will divert the watchers to the original long-format video. It is important to take note of that makers may have the option to bring their own videos into the Shorts maker.

The component permits clients to refresh their classic content and allows them an opportunity to engage with new audience. In recent times, short-format content has begun gathering a lot of perspectives and it is a decent way for YouTube to hold watchers. Subsequently, by permitting makers to make Shorts out of their current videos, the platform is wanting to accumulate considerably more audience than it already is.

In a connected turn of events, YouTube released new changes to check comment spam this month. Going forward, YouTube channels can not conceal their subscriber counts. As the policy comes into place, scammers can not camouflage themselves as famous YouTubers as watchers can cross-check the subscriber count. On the off chance that it’s a fake account or a scammer, it wouldn’t have however many subscribers as the original creator, maybe no subscribers at all.