Yunglo is Putting a Midwest Spin on Hip Hop Music

Yunglo is Putting a Midwest Spin on Hip Hop Music

Traditionally when thinking of the Midwestern part of the United States, little to no one would think to bring hip hop music into the equation. In the part of the country where the music department is full of country tunes, and oldies jams, artists in different genres are being brushed off regardless of the talent they bring to the table. In this kind of environment, it is hard for any to survive.

Yunglo is one of the few and far between whose talent overshadowed the demand for hip hop music in the Midwest. This Indiana based hip hop artist brings a unique flare to music, with his melodic flow and crafty beats. He focuses heavily on the quality of his music and it shines through on every one of his tracks. When listening to his versatile, soulful and timeless music it is easy to see why he stands out above the rest.

Bringing pride to the Indiana hip hop community, Yunglo is earning the Midwest some stain in music. Be sure to check out this up-and-coming artist as you won’t be disappointed.

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