Yusuf Jamal changed the fate of Yourshell as an angel Investor

Yusuf Jamal changed the fate of Yourshell as an angel Investor

Success is not for everyone. You can only become successful if you have the strength to tolerate the pain of practicing and rectifying faults, the pain which helps to learn new things and to grow experiences. 

It is said that if you look at the winning horse in the race, you will find that the owner is beating the horse like anything, but it is hard to be understood that he is doing that because he wants to make him come first in the race. When you come from zero, you value the system of growth and prosperity. Yusuf Jamal founder of Platinium View Home Solution started his journey at the age of 17 as a BPO employee in 2005. He was also doing a part-time job in a courier company in Dehradun till 2010. During this period, Yusuf Jamal completed his graduation simultaneously. 

After completing his graduation, Yusuf Jamal took a club on lease in partnership in 2010. Within 2 years, he managed to control a club and four restaurants in partnership. 

He was doing great in his field, and his fast grasping power was helping him to gain more knowledge about business ideas. Yusuf Jamal wanted to lead his life in a way so that none of his next generations need to face the same consequences as Yusuf Jamal. 

Yusuf Jamal (Sony Qazi ) found his way to real estate soon. He started doing small projects, and by 2015 Yusuf Jamal completed more than 50 buildings, which includes 2BHK, 3BHK, and some government projects. 

From 2015 his Yusuf Jamal’s clock of success started clicking rhythmically after joining the real estate business. In the world of investment and marketing real estate conquer a prestigious place. So, it is obvious that with the proper mindset and strategy one can do wonders in real estate. 

 In 2017, Yusuf Jamal became the angel investor of the Yourshell start-up, which was acquired by Stanza Living 2020. Yusuf Jamal used to provide financial backing for Yourshell in exchange for ownership equity in the company.

From 2018, Yusuf Jamal gets into providing manpower under Platinum View Home Solutions to various companies, which helped the unemployed youth of Uttarakhand. Yusuf Jamal not only created his fate of success but also looked out for other youngsters. More than 25,000 youths are working in various companies like Honda, Sansera, Autoline, and Bajaj. 

In 2017, when Yourshell was launched, it could provide 147 beds for easy to book service and rental home for students in the northern campus of Delhi University. When the real estate angel investor Yusuf Jamal invested in Yourshell, then the company managed to produce 600 beds till 2020. 

Recently Stanza Living, which is the largest real estate manager in India, acquired Yourshell in 2020. Yusuf Jamal acquired all the centers of Bansal Class ( VConsult ) in Uttarakhand by 2019.

From the night shift in the BPO center and a courier boy of an agency, Yusuf Jamal has written his name in the world of real estate with the golden ink powered by his willpower. Keep trying until and unless you reach the goal.