Zendata, A Data Privacy Business, Starts With $2 Million In Funding

Zendata, A Data Privacy Business, Starts With $2 Million In Funding

This morning, $2 million in venture money was used to launch Zendata Inc., a new company that offers data privacy tools to businesses.

First-hand Alliance, Geek Ventures, PayPal Ventures, and Altari Ventures contributed the funding. In addition, Race Capital, an early investor in Databricks Inc., announced that Zendata had been accepted into an eight-week accelerator program. A network of go-to-market experts, $250,000 in cash, and over $400,000 in Google Cloud credits are all available to participating firms.

The business offers a range of cloud services designed to make it simpler for businesses to abide by privacy laws like GDPR. You can utilize two of the five services in the bundle to make sure that visitors’ data is handled responsibly on an organization’s website. The other three apps in the suite are made for similar duties, such making sure sensitive data isn’t exposed via application code.

Website Scanner, Zendata’s initial product, has the ability to automatically scan websites for privacy problems. It can identify circumstances in which an organization gathers visitor data in a way that might violate privacy laws. The program also identifies less obvious infractions of compliance, as when a website’s privacy policy provides an inaccurate description of its methods for collecting and managing data.

Websites must ask users for permission to install cookies on their devices through a pop-up banner in accordance with GDPR and other privacy standards. A list of the cookies the website uses and their functions must be provided by that banner. Zendata has a solution in its software suite that can generate this list automatically, saving developers at a company’s expense in human labor.

Two more applications that make managing personally identifiable information easier are included in the product bundle. The first, Privacy Mapper, is able to automatically locate this kind of information in internal business systems. Customers of a company can request the personal data that the company has collected about them by utilizing the other application, called DSAR Management.

One such tool in Zendata’s product lineup is Code Scanner. The startup claims that before code is put into production, it enables software teams to automatically scan newly created code for sensitive data. The utility can produce recommendations for resolving problems after it has identified one.

“By integrating privacy by design across the entire data lifecycle, our no-code data security and privacy compliance platform helps businesses of all sizes navigate the complexities of data privacy and data protection regulations,” stated Narayana Pappu, co-founder and chief executive officer of Zendata.

Zendata plans to use its seed round to increase the feature set of its product portfolio and focus on acquiring new customers.