Mikey See defies odds on his journey into the music industry

Mikey See defies odds on his journey into the music industry

Long Island native and pop singer Mikey See is taking LA by storm. The indie artist has been making waves with his melodic rhythm and unique sound. The 20-year-old singer is openly gay and transparent about his life struggles in his music. He hopes to hit mainstream success like many other openly gay artists such as Frank ocean, Adam Lambert, and Sam Smith.

His latest project is an EP. The project is only four songs long but a great sample of music you can vibe out too. Song writer & producer, Glenn Travis worked closely on his latest project. The project features beats from Mantra, whose made beats for platinum recording artist Pitbull, and many others.

Many fans seem to connect with the openness of the Long Island singer. Even receiving a co-sign by Wild n’ Out rapper Justina Valentine. Mikey seems to have found a piece of the market that really rocks with his musical style, which he considers to be Pop/Rnb. “If Post Malone and SoMo had a baby … that could be me”, he said. With over 100k followers on social media, its easy to see that his fans are engaged with more than the music. He’s built a brand on honesty and self-love. He’s been quoted saying that he draws a lot of inspiration from one Beyoncé Knowles. Be one the lookout for more projects and check out his single “In My Brain.”

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