Pots and Pans: A Guide for Novices in the Kitchen

Kitchens in homes are a space that houses various equipment and vessels, more than other rooms. Blenders, pans, pots, plates, cutlery, and food items ranging from groceries to cooking ingredients, are the usual finds in a kitchen. The kitchen plays the role of both storage and function, allowing people to prepare home-cooked meals effortlessly. And with several people moving into their own homes or starting an independent life, they sometimes find kitchen utensils and equipment mystifying. Several vessels may perform the same function, and some tools require other accessory tools to perform better. Also, some equipment has a specific purpose and using them for alternate operations might render them unusable, etc.

So, most people know the standard necessities in a kitchen like a frying pan, saucepans, grills, stoves, cutting boards, knives, and more. But they may not know the various available models and might purchase one that doesn’t suit their cooking habits. That being said, one of the primary aspects to check for in pots and pans is their material. The material determines various characteristics of the cooking style and the food’s taste. Hence, people must first familiarise themselves with cooking utensils and their types before purchasing them for their kitchens.

Understanding Materials

Frying pans, saucepans, skillets, etc., are a few standard requirements for any dish of most cuisines. These pans come in various shapes, sizes, materials and include several accessories like lids and handles.


Ceramic pans are in vogue today globally for their aesthetic finish and colour variety. Ceramic pans offer even heating, meaning the food has heat spread over it evenly, allowing for efficient cooking of meat or veggies. Ceramic pans are also easier to clean due to the non-stick surfaces, making them a hit among several cooks. The ceramic coating also offers a sleek shine, and the interiors are usually lighter than the exterior. People can find these pans frequently on cooking videos and social media posts.

Cast Iron

While ceramic is the public favourite, cast iron pans are also making a comeback. Cast iron skillets and pans are the heaviest utensils, and people should exercise caution while handling them. This material was the traditional go-to choice earlier before innovation led to other materials entering the market. Cast iron heats quicker, allowing for faster cooking, and spreads the heat evenly for uniform cooking. Moreover, cast Iron comes with a black finish for more aesthetic appeal, encouraging people to purchase them.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most hassle-free materials in the kitchen for its low maintenance. The material is stain-resistant and effortless to clean, and it comes in various shapes and sizes for all uses. But the only reason people prefer other materials to stainless steel is its aesthetics. But today, more people find the metallic finish of stainless steel attractive, and the purchases are rising. Manufacturers are also adding other aesthetic embellishments like design engravings, handles, etc., to add to the aesthetics of the frying pan or saucepan.


Copper vessels and utensils are a favourite among health enthusiasts for their benefits. Copper metal naturally disinfects its contents and is the perfect material to store water. Copper utensils also have better heat sensitivity, meaning people can heat the utensils immediately by turning their stove knobs. In the meantime, other materials take longer to simmer from high heat, even if the flame is lower. And this makes copper an excellent choice for first-time cooks.

Kitchen utensils ranging from a frying pan to a soup pot come in various materials, but these are the most popular and available choices on the market. People can choose from these materials and ensure satisfying cooking experiences for a long time. Additionally, these materials also offer maximum aesthetics, which is a prominent factor of late.


The Celebrity News : Interview With Pierdavid Palumbo

The artist Pierdavid Palumbo, who has achieved international success, begins to sing at the age of only 5 years old with his father, produces with him a year later in 1997 a cd entitled “Lucky Event” and they begin to travel, Pierdavid already boasts a great artistic career that goes from 1996 until today with various successes all over the world, and now he is defined as the voice of electro swing, for having brought his new musical project to the world, that has earned him 60,000 thousand followers in a short time, and considered by many people to be the Frank Sinatra of our times for genre evolution from swing to electro swing.

  1. What is the music for you?

The music is my mental refuge, and my everyday power, it is my passion that I have turned into work, let’s put it this way, it’s like the air I breathe.

2. What is the electro swing?

The electro swing is a musical genre that evolves from swing, making it modern and danceable in the style of shuffle dance, mixes the sounds of big bands with an electronic rhythm, was initially born from various DJs only as instrumental music, therefore without a main artist, now it’s me who represents it.

3. How did this idea come about?

It was a project that I had in my mind for some time, I listened to this instrumental music, and from there I wanted to put my voice into it, I contacted my producer, I told him about my idea that I wanted to realize, and a few months later he contacted me, telling me that he had a surprise for me and so my way was born, which at first I did not imagine could become such an energetic hit, so when he told me he had made my way in electro swing I thought he was joking, I come from swing and jazz originally, but this is the evolution.

4. How do you live your success?

Normally, when people stop me I like to take a selfie with them or give them an autograph, the artist’s job is not only to make good music, but also to make your fans happy who are there for you, because if you got here it, is thanks to them.

5. What are your future projects?

I am always in constant evolution of myself, my goal is to always do a good job and stand out from the crowd, originality is the basis for being a true artist.

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Actor Tazito Garcia – The Rise of The New People’s Champ

Many people talk endlessly about their successes. But former teacher and pro-athlete-turned-actor-director, Taz Garcia, recently had a very heart warming speech surface on YouTube about his failures and experience with war as a child. That’s Extremely refreshing, encouraging and a light for us to know that we as humans tend to learn far more from failures and hardships, according to science. 

Taz stated that there’s no bad experience, only experience and lessons. We fail forward. You learn not fall the same way again. You have to taste sour to appreciate sweet. We tend to just brush off success so quickly, yet tend to indulge every ounce of effort and brain power into identifying our failures.

During the many variables with COVID19, Taz has quickly adapted his mentality to the online world to keep in touch with friends, fans, students and filmmakers. “There’s light at the end of the tunnel. This uncertainty  will come to an end, it’s a matter of time. Let’s control what we can and spend it with who we value the most. Also, The fact we have internet, social media, streaming services and zoom. We are blessed.”

Since the first round of quarantine lockdown, Taz has donated $15,000 to PPE and taken to Instagram Live for Q&A’s and offered free online workouts. Taz’s been able to connect with 10,000 people worldwide and get them smiling at the end of the Live chats. “I’m just very happy to be able to make you all smile today”- before signing off.

“It feels like a restart button was pushed. Like we’re starting out on all spectrums.”

Taz cited the fact that acting gigs have started to open up again, but many of the steps that gave us the full experience is now diluted. Being around all the creative people is limited. The suspense of going through traffic worrying about making it on time, or anxiously waiting with others in the room for your turn to audition. Granted it’s more convenient now. Saves you time and money. You get to redo self tapes and submit the best take. It’s just one of the ways the biz is evolving into its 2.0 version.

Taz and his partner will be hosting the annual Movie Expo virtually in March 20201 as an entire interactive virtual city filled with seminars, opportunity and virtual booths.

Garcia “nicest guy on set” also known as “the people’s champ” has filmed several commercials since the return of the industry. We are very excited to see him in the new upcoming Jackie Chan film ‘Project Xtraction’  slated for 2021 China release. We also hope that he’ll be joining the Canadian duo of actors that recently got cast for big superhero roles.

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Know The Role Of Merchant Service Providers

If the business is planning to accept debit and credit cards safely, then they have to start with researching the best merchant service providers. Gaining knowledge about their services and why you need to choose a particular business involves a lot of digging. Merchant services are an important constituent of credit card processing. It refers to the organization of the electronic transactions of the merchant. Merchant debit and credit card processing contain important sales details from the merchant that makes the business deal possible. There are three stages involved in the electronic payment supported by the merchant services- they are authorization, receiving funds from the issuer, and performing fees to the merchant.

A merchant service provider permits businesses to accept various kinds of payment options, and at the same time safeguard their customers and business through the advanced industry security standards. At present, the merchants have several standards when it is associated with processing payments. In simple words, the merchant service providers remain as a middle person between the financial institutions and merchants for the payment processing requirements. They serve as a gateway to efficiently manage electronic transactions.

What is the pricing model of merchant services?

If you are thinking of partnering with one of the best merchant service providers in the industry, you have to approach Merchant Services Broker Solutions. It is necessary to track the differences between pricing models of merchant services. Certain providers will add in extra fees after the particular transaction volume or time limit, while some focus on developing a transparent business policy, giving no surprise charges for the businesses. Determine how the merchant service provider illustrates their payment processing billing systems when establishing the budget.

The pricing models are divided into three types. They are flat rate, cost-plus pricing, or interchange and tiered pricing. The pricing model differs from one service provider to another and there is nothing referred to as the best pricing model. Top credit card processors such as Square and PayPal charge on the flat-rate pricing model. They charge merchants for each transaction and it is the reason they are more expensive than any other company. However, it is a simple system to manage and they do not charge any additional fees or hidden fees. It is a traditional model ideal for small businesses that do not process several online payments regularly.

The interchange price model is said to be one of the popular models among businesses of both big and small sizes. In this model, they charge fees for processing a transaction. It permits businesses to pay a reasonable amount as a transaction fee as they can tap into the wholesale prices that are according to the deals agreed with the card brands.

One of the main reasons for the interchange plus rating structure to be popular is because of its inbuilt transparency. You will know exactly how much you will be paying on a monthly basis. It will help businesses to save money, especially in the long term when they spend on their payment processing requirements.

Tips to select the best merchant service provider

There are plenty of options available for merchants when it comes to selecting the best and affordable merchant service provider. It is important to ask questions to decide what kind of service provider is recommended for your customers and your business. One of the important things to consider while selecting is shortlisting the company that provides diverse, flexible, and transparent solutions to cater to your processing requirements. It is best to team up with a provider that focuses transparency throughout the transaction and this way, you will know how the funds are managed.

When selecting the provider, you should be clear about certain factors like what kind of payment you want to process, what is your annual budget, how many transactions would be processed per month, etc. It is almost like determining a payment partner that enables a POS solution that is supple and develops with the changing needs of the business. It includes the capacity to incorporate new technologies when they step into the market. Remember certain merchant services providers are not compatible with all kinds of business requirements. Therefore, it is important to develop relationships that can assist you to incorporate several services smoothly with the present POS system.


Live The Life Of Your Dreams – With Right MineSet

Most people daydream about an alternate reality, one in which they have the strength to follow their passions rather than society’s pressure and expectations.

Pauly Long’s passion is to help turning these dreams into realities. With his highly qualified team at MineSet he doesn’t only coach and inspire his clients to manifest the right mentality. He goes further than most of his competitors, offering actual help starting a business.

The talented mastermind offers services way beyond the common motivational coach.

His efforts go much further and are followed by dozens of success stories, with hundreds of clients and thousands of followers backing up his continuously growing community.

People he inspired on his way to find his purpose had urged the Philadelphia soul to launch his own brand and do what he does best. Which put him exactly where he is now.

His brand MineSet that is backed by a community of followers and clients that consume and react to his daily updates and advice on social media, as well as hundreds of clients that purchased his online courses and are impatiently waiting for live events to hit the schedules again.

MineSet was launched into the motivational and coaching market at the beginning year and ever since has been rising to success with more and more people re-assessing their lives during these years harsh disruptions.

Again, Long offers solutions that go beyond the motivational industry and deep into detailed marketing, self-marketing and funding consultation for clients that are looking for help starting their own businesses. With more and more clients asking for marketing services to follow coaching and consulting, the self-made successor has decided to offer these services for everyone soon.

Pauly Long is launching MineSet Marketing in December, which will be part of his company and offer a variety of marketing services, especially for social media.

Exciting times for the young founder, and it’s only the beginning!

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Top 5 Adaptive Exercise Fitness Certifications

Aspiring adaptive fitness instructors can now get their fitness certifications from different highly-recognized institutions. Fitness certification guarantees a long-lasting career in the adaptive fitness industry. Preparing for an education program is the first step to get your fitness certification.

While no law mandates fitness instructors to present a certification upon application, being certified can strengthen your career, and it means you’re serious about thriving in this industry.

Explore the top 5 adaptive exercise fitness certifications that you can choose from and educate yourself on everything you need to know about getting certified.

What Happens if you Work without an Adaptive Exercise Fitness Certification?

Obtaining education to get an adaptive training fitness certification is a solid investment. Albeit some may think that skipping the certification can help them save both time and money, there are repercussions to observe. Certifications are for personal trainers who want to make a real career out of adaptive fitness training.

Even if you have years of experience with adaptive fitness training, you still need to get certified. An adaptive exercise fitness certification is here only for good reasons. If you don’t get certified, you will most likely encounter the following:

Decreased chances of getting hired

No law requires an adaptive exercise fitness certification, but there is an unspoken rule of having one. If you walk straight into a fitness gym, hoping to get hired without certification, your chances are slim. Most fitness centers will prioritize trainers who can show documentation of their skills, experience, and education. Getting certified means you are determined and committed to working with your physically and mentally challenged clients, and you are capable of providing quality training. It also gives them a sense of security that they are safe under your training.

You can get hired, but not to train individuals

Some fitness centers will consider hiring an uncertified trainer, but their responsibilities are limited. You are not trusted to take on individual classes and clients. For instance, the center will train you on how to run a spin class, but you are prohibited from working on it with individual clients. Your role is simply to lead classes unless you get certified to train individuals.

No mentor will want to work with you

If you are serious about being an adaptive fitness instructor, you need to work with a mentor. However, if you are not certified, there’s a big chance that mentors may not want to work with you. They only pick who they train with—preferably trainers who have foundational knowledge and certification. In order to become a professional adaptive fitness trainer, you also need to develop skills that you cannot learn from books. Hence, a mentor is highly recommended.

No insurance benefits

One of the biggest advantages of getting certified is the insurance benefits. For instance, if you want to work as an adaptive fitness instructor, the company will cover your insurance. But if you are not certified, you could be excluded from the benefits of being insured. The company will also be liable if the client you are working on gets hurt during the training. The client can sue you. In this case, insurance will cover the costs provided that you are certified. But if you are not, then you have to pay for all the damages with your own money and risk losing your job.


How to Choose the Right Certification Program?

Since there are no laws that will regulate adaptive fitness training, it’s up to you to be selective and choose the right program to acquire your certification. Before you proceed to check out the best adaptive exercise fitness certifications in your area, here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the right program:

●     Consider the accreditation

The first thing to consider when it comes to choosing the right fitness program is accreditation. As much as possible, invest in an accredited program affiliated with highly-recognized organizations. Look it up on the internet and see if it belongs to any credible organizations. You might want to ensure the quality of your education by reviewing the program first and its affiliations.

●     Check their background

You need to know how long the program has been operating and in business. It is highly recommended to choose a program that has been training adaptive fitness professionals for over ten years as it speaks of its authority and quality.

●     Consider personal factors

Join a program that is suitable for you to learn. For instance, if you are working while getting your certification, you might want to have an online adaptive training program. Self-paced programs are also great. A flexible timeline is a crucial factor if you have a current job. Check out their financing options as well. Do they offer interest-free payments? How long can you pay for the program, and with your current job, can you afford it?

●     Check the variety of program

You will know it’s a good program that can offer a wide variety of training. Some programs offer autism specialization, while other organizations include training programs for Alzheimer’s and other similar conditions. These specializations will help you develop your skills later on as you work with a mentor.

●     Always ask for more

A good adaptive fitness training program will offer more than just learning materials to their students. If you want to make it a serious career and thrive in the industry, you must enroll in a program that can offer extras. For instance, the program must allow you access to their online materials, include you in their networking, and provide you tools if you’re planning to set up a business. A good program will provide regular support and guidance to their students until they become experts.

●     Evaluate their learning resources

You might want to join a program that utilizes up-to-date learning resources and materials. A good adaptive exercise program will continuously improve and update their learning materials. You don’t want to be practicing skills and learning based on resources that are dated ten years ago. The science of adaptive exercise and fitness is constantly changing, so should your knowledge and skills.

What are the Best Adaptive Exercise Fitness Certifications Near me?

Not all certifications are the same. The institution you decide to apply for an adaptive exercise fitness certification will determine how well you will do in this industry. Hence, it’s normal to be selective.

Here is a list of the top adaptive exercise fitness certifications to choose from:

1.      Special Strong Certification

If you have been eyeing different adaptive training gyms, chances are you have heard of Special Strong. The gym had been on top of their game ever since it was established. They offer an Adaptive Special Needs Certification program for anyone who wants to be a trainer. The company offers interest-free payment plans and excellent customer support. You can find ways to finance yourself and pay for the course materials for over 12 months.

What’s more appealing to this is Special Strong certification requires no travel and registration date. If you are working other jobs while getting certified, you can fit it in a schedule that works. The company is very inclusive with their training, allowing you to apply what you learn in working with different physical and mental challenges.

Rest assured that you’ll finish the certification with skills and knowledge to apply to your career. Their materials are regularly updated and digital-based for easier access. The training includes a lot of exercise prescription and programming. Best of all, there’s no need to go to a testing site to get your certification. You can obtain it from your home or anywhere you like with up to three chances. Special Strong certification is indeed suitable for any aspiring adaptive fitness trainers out there.

2.      ACSM Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer

The ACSM Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer, in collaboration with the National Center on Health and Physical Activity and Disability, now offers training and certification. With a deeper understanding of the updated ADA policies, the organization has created adaptive programming that is heavy on safe and effective adaptive exercise fitness training to promote an active lifestyle.

The ACSM offers various study options, including exam content, outline, textbooks, and webinars. Any aspiring adaptive fitness trainer can participate in distance-learning webinar series and get certified from the comforts of their own home. The organization aims to train certified fitness professionals who can assess, develop, and conduct personalized exercise programs for people with cognitive, sensory, or physical disability.

Previously, ACSM has worked with public health settings that aim to provide equal access to exercise to all, including health clubs and corporate-based fitness facilities. Fitness professionals certified by the ACSM are expected to provide fitness programming to underserved communities and be inclusive. With its excellent background and credentials, the price per course is very reasonable.

3.      Adaptive Training Academy (ATA) Certification

Adaptive Training Academy (ATA) remains one of the highly-established and well-recognized organizations in the adaptive fitness industry. For years, adaptive trainers, athletes, and physios have led the academy, all determined to provide research-based education to any aspiring fitness trainers and professionals. The organization aims to be as inclusive as possible, regardless of the physical or mental challenges that the person is facing.

The organization offers education and certification via an online course and specialty courses. It offers a wide set of practical methods, inclusive trainer accreditation, and sets the standard for adaptive training.

Rest assured that the ATA certification and courses are suitable for your foundational knowledge of adaptive fitness. Once you finish the courses and pass the certification exam, you will earn the Adaptive & Inclusive Trainer (AIT) certification. Lastly, the prices for ATA courses and certifications are reasonable.

4.      Manitoba Adaptive Fitness Specialist Certification

Manitoba’s Adaptive Fitness Specialist certification is an excellent choice for individuals who have no background or experience with adaptive training. The organization provides an in-depth adaptive training course and certification after passing the exam. It is available to fitness professionals, support workers, and even family members who want to help their special loved ones maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Individuals who have finished the course and passed the exam will earn a Hutton House certification. The training is designed to develop the required skills and support the wellness of physically and mentally challenged people. It is only available for adults who are 18 years old and above. The program aims to raise awareness and promote inclusivity.

The course is approved for five MFC CECs. Upon completing the course, you will learn how to create and provide a personalized program for your clients and anchor your exercise programs for the specific disability you are working on. The program is also designed to help other conditions such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and osteoporosis.

5.      Autism Fitness Certification

Autism Fitness recognizes the need for qualified trainers who will guide autistic people to leading a healthy lifestyle. This course is suitable for fitness professionals, educators, licensed therapists, and parents. The Autism Fitness courses are strategically designed to provide tools, resources, and a community network to train and empower professionals in delivering quality adaptive fitness programming. It targets the population with developmental deficits to create healthy living habits.

The course takes a multidisciplinary approach to autism fitness and developmental deficits. Once you complete this course and pass the exam, you’ll be able to provide fitness programming to your clients regardless of skill. Autism Fitness is a great course to take if you aim for targeted groups and want to focus on the autistic population.

Final Thoughts

Technically, anyone can become a trainer without certification, but the chances of succeeding in the industry are very slim. It also puts your job and name at risk. No one wants to work with a trainer without certification. Hence, if you want to extend your help and work with physically and mentally-challenged people, you must first prepare yourself to do so. Meet people who will help you become a professional fitness trainer. Attend webinars. Get certified. After completing the course, a long-lasting career in the adaptive fitness industry awaits you.


Apple pulls the TV Remote application since it’s incorporated with iOS

Apple’s dedicated remote application to guide your Apple TV — you won’t discover it. The organization discreetly eliminated the Apple TV Remote application from its digital store. While there wasn’t an official clarification, there likewise wasn’t a lot of highlights keeping the application around. You’ve approached an Apple TV remote in the Control Center on iPhones and iPads since iOS 12, making the independent application excess for most clients.

Appropriately, the help entry for the Apple TV Remote application has changed to advise individuals on how to add remote control to Control Center.

This won’t be extraordinary news in case you’re utilizing a older Apple cell phone that can’t run iOS 12 and don’t as of now have the application (if your gadget can deal with it, that is). It’s protected to state the organization gave individuals a considerable lot of time to update, however, and there’s consistently the physical remote (as flawed as it seems to be) if vital.


iPhone 12 Pro Max has a smaller 3,687 mAh battery as per to regulatory filing

Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro Max is furnished with a 3,687 mAh battery, which is around 7% less limit than the 3,969 mAh battery in the iPhone 11 Pro Max, as indicated by a regulatory filing published by TENAA, what could be compared to the FCC.

The regulatory filing, spotted by MacRumors, likewise lists the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 6GB of RAM as found in benchmark results a week ago.

Apple has documented numerous items with TENAA throughout the long term, and the postings have demonstrated to be exact on different events. A year ago, for instance, precise battery limits and RAM in the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max showed up in the information base a couple of days before those gadgets dispatching. Gossip likewise recommended that the iPhone 12 Pro Max would have a 3,687 mAh battery prior this year.

In spite of having a more modest battery, Apple’s tech specs show that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a similar battery life as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, with the two gadgets giving as long as 20 hours of video playback and as long as 80 hours of sound playback.

Apple never reveals battery limits or RAM on its iPhone tech spec pages, however teardowns of the new gadgets ought to affirm these subtleties in the coming days.


Android 11 bug blocks clients from seeing significant pieces of the screen

Android 11 is longer than a month old having been released on September 8th and right now there are a few protests from clients about applications that should go full screen yet can’t. Also, in any event, when these applications are in full-screen mode, the status bar and the navigation bar aren’t vanishing as they should. For instance, games and certain applications like YouTube should top off the entire screen with content when full-screen mode is empowered. Yet, since the time Android 11 launched, some Android clients have found that these applications at this point don’t top off their phones’ displays altogether.

Thus, game players, a significant number of whom hold their gadgets in Landscape mode, are finding that a few elements of a game are being cut off by the status bar or the navigation bar making interactivity inconceivable. While Android clients shared this issue to Google and others on the Google issue tracker site during when the Android 11 betas were being released, Google did nothing with the data since it purportedly couldn’t reproduce the issue. However, taking into account that the issue is starting to earn consideration indeed, we’d be amazed if Google didn’t look again at this bug. Particularly since a month ago, Google conceded that the issue is an item highlight issue, not an engineer include.

Some Android clients who have been encountering the issue say that by shutting the applications and restarting them, they can fix the issue. In the event that you are having this issue, you should try this arrangement out. We can spare you some time and exacerbation by telling you that cleaning your Android gadget won’t take care of the issue. Ideally, Google will disperse an update quickly that will kill this bug.


Alekh Kumar Parida is a self-made millionaire and digital entrepreneur

Digital Marketing is an excellent topic for today. Yes, you might say it is not possible to keep up with the changing circumstances and to understand the latest digital strategies for business growth. But not all think like that many are hustling around the internet and online world taking on all the changes in search engines.

To make a name as a digital marketer it’s not an easy job you have to showcase your own business to attract individuals and brands near you. We came across India’s most excellent digital marketer or Pioneer of Digital Entrepreneurship in India who is rated as the Youngest Digital Marketer and entrepreneur in India Alekh Kumar Parida.

He is running a successful digital marketing company name FAME BROSS from quite a long time. Started entrepreneurial journey ALEKH KUMAR PARIDA has come a long way from ordinary digital marketer to India’s best and youngest digital marketer and entrepreneur.

Alekh Kumar’s name also comes in leading digital marketing Influencers worldwide. 2019-2020 has been game-changing years for him. This young digital entrepreneur of India turnover has crossed a Whopping $2M Mark, which shows how much work he does with individuals and companies. Surely he knows how to make a brand out of nothing.

When it comes to search engine optimization, digital marketing in India, Alekh Kumar’s name is the first name which comes to mind. The good thing about Alekh Kumar is that he is not like others who speak more and do less work. His work speaks more than his words.

You can call Alekh Kumar Parida, a leader in SEO, Digital Marketing in India. You can see him posting regular content on his website related to digital marketing to influence others to learn new things.

Labelled as one of the best online marketers in India, he is continuously pushing the limits in online business strategies with digital marketing. At the Age of 20, Alekh Kumar is Youngest Millionaire in India and Featured as Youngest Digital Entrepreneur in World. Dealing Over 4000+ clients Worldwide made him one of The Best Young Entrepreneur in India.

Great to see young talent like Alekh Kumar Parida under 25 taking India on Global platforms as an entrepreneur with pride. Today he is working with best names around the globe like superstar Drake and all.

Surely Digital Entrepreneur Alekh Kumar Parida is the brighter side of India in this tough situation which has been arising due to Pandemic. We hope he grows like this in the coming time and influences more and more people do better in every changing digital marketing world.