Toyota Reveals Supra Racing Concept for Super GT

Toyota Reveals Supra Racing Concept for Super GT

Denoting Toyota’s anticipated come back to the GT500 class.

Not long ago, Toyota accidentally leaked a promotion video which showed an inside and out take a look at the upcoming version of the 2020 Toyota Supra. Since the Japanese automaker is nearer to bringing the road car next year, it shows up they are taking the opportunity to restore a racing concept as well. Toyota disclosed the fifth iteration of its Supra racing concept for Super GT amid Tokyo Auto Salon held throughout the end of the week. The pictures portray the automobile employing a more extensive body and bigger spoiler than its predecessors, and is reputed to contain a 2.0-liter four cylinder turbocharged engine.

Making its original presentation in 1995 with the JGTC series in Japan and Thailand, the new GT500 race car gets moved up to take an interest in the 2020 Super GT series,taking Lexus’ place on the racetrack. Get a closer look through the gallery above.

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