Veslate The Dutch Producer

Veslate The Dutch Producer

Music has always made special attention to people’s mind and the popular music producer and Dj Veslate is great. He also goes by the name Sven Zwetsloot. He is trying to captivate everyone’s heart with his irresistible music. He made his first debut with some of his friends creating the label named ‘CRASHEN’ in 2014. His music has quality and control which will be liked by all music lovers from all across the world. One of his music songs named “Chaima” is about to Release. Veslate started his music career as a music producer and his first collaboration was with Zandah “Vliegtuig”. Veslate mainly makes music of genres like Hiphop and Moombathon.

If you are great music enthusiasts, you are going to love his exclusive music. Some of his exceptional musical work includes “Me Gusta”, “Bailar”, “Playa”, “Traag” etc. He plays at different good clubs in The Netherlands and people know him for his good taste of music.

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