19-Black families start their own community freedom Georgia reality show

19-Black families start their own community freedom Georgia reality show

It will undoubtedly occur, and it would seem that the ball is now moving … the 19 Black families who pooled their cash to begin their own town may before long be reality television stars as well.

Sources with direct information tell TMZ … leaders from what will ideally one day be known as Freedom, GA have been besieged in the previous hardly any days by a whirlwind of asks from production organizations hoping to get their stories, lives and mission on camera.

The two women who launched the thought – Renee Walters and Ashley Scott – have been running point on these conversations, and it seems like they (alongside a few different individuals from their community) are down to get something moving … furthermore, soon.

Sources state the production organizations that’ve connected have strong reps in the industry, and have worked with any semblance of A&E, Oxygen, Lifetime, HGTV and other enormous networks that run programming on simply this kind of stuff … family, home improvement, and so forth.

Here’s the kicker … the people attempting to bring Freedom, GA to fulfillment are coming in with certain terms of their own – in particular, they want to OWN this content and the rights behind it, also control how it’s altered and broadcasted to the majority.

Sources state Walters, Scott and co. feel it’s imperative to have a state by they way they’re depicted, ’cause they truly don’t want this to be foul and loaded with quick thrills – however rather, have it be elevating, while at the same time placing Black people in a good light.

What’s more, to the extent story lines … there’s A LOT. Scott works in real estate and home renovations — while balancing family life – and Walters does likewise while working in the unique needs community. Also, there are 15 different families ready to partake … 2 have quit.

As it were, it’s actually a deep well of likely content … which could run for seasons to come in the event that they strike the correct arrangement. Brilliant things yield superb chances.