Paul Rudd made a PSA instructing you to wear a mask, fam

Paul Rudd made a PSA instructing you to wear a mask, fam

Everybody realizes that Paul Rudd is a youth. No 51-year-old actor could look so innocent and have skin that dewy, so it just makes sense that the Ant-Man star is and consistently has been a 26-year-old millennial.

Which is actually why New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recruited Rudd for a Covid PSA, in which the actor asks his fellow children to wear a mask and help stop the spread.

The two-minute video follows Rudd, skateboard close by, as he flaunts some TikTok-commendable dance moves and clarifies that since youngsters are answerable for a lot of COVID-19’s spread, he wanted to show that wearing a mask can be “totally beast.”

“I’m not going to preach at you, like some celebrity,” he explains. “This is a convo where I talk, and you shut up and wear your mask.”

Rudd even tapped Hot Ones host Sean Evans to help reproduce their viral “look at us” meme from a year ago, complete with wings and hot-sauce-stained masks.

“Look at us,” Evans says. “Who would have thought wearing masks would be a problem!”

“Not me!” Rudd replies.

So youngsters, it would be ideal if you tune in to Paul Rudd, who was unquestionably born in 1994 and was too youthful to even think about having featured in 1995’s Clueless. Wear your mask, and help him yeet the Covid for good.