19 Year Old Lokesh Khatri made one of the best Quality Iron Man Mark 5 Suit which makes him. Famous around the YouTube.

Today we are going to talk about a middle family boy Lokesh Khatri, friends call him as Loki. At present Lokesh is one of the best VFX artist in whole YouTube Web. He is very passionate about VFX  

Once Lokesh was watching Iron Man Film when he was child. Lokesh on his first view love the Iron Man Suit and told his parents he also wants to see Iron Man Suit. Later growing into ages he came to know this type of Suit we’re made by VFX. At that moment he decided to once he will grow up he will also try to make an Iron Man Mark 5 Suit.

While in a conversation Lokesh said he was desperate to start VFX when he was child but during those days Lokesh don’t have any means to create VFX designs. When he reached Class 9 , his Parents gifted him a Laptop. Before starting Lokesh done many research about VFX designing. He used to watch every Hollywood Films so that the concept of VFX can be clear.

Lokesh in study as good as he was in VFX artist. He never disappointed his parents by his results. He is now preparing for Charted accountant.

He was a normal youtuber upto some time but he got the limelight after he successfully design the Iron Man Mark 5 Suit. Before Lokesh many others youtubers and VFX artist tried to make Mark 5 Suit but either they got failures or their work were not upto the mark. Like other YouTuber same happened with Lokesh in his first 9 attempt he tried hard but he got failure. Lokesh said during his first 9 unsuccessful attempts he never stop learning every time he got failed each time he was learning about the mistake.

After 9 unsuccessful attempts, he made one of the best quality Iron Man Mark 5 Suit in his 10 attempt. He was very happy after completing one of his childhood dreams to make an Iron Man Suit. The Suit which was made by Lokesh is one of the Best Quality Mark 5 Suit after Marvel.

About Discussing about the future with Lokesh, he said he wants to continue his passion VFX designing. He said he wants to complete his Charted accountant and want to settle in abroad so that he can give more attention to his passion VFX.