Why Being a Good Listener Matters – Lucia Matuonto

Why Being a Good Listener Matters – Lucia Matuonto

Do you remember in kindergarten how you were always taught about listening to those around you?  Perhaps it was actually an important part of being a good student.  Well, the same goes for being a good person!  If you are a good listener, life becomes so much better — for you, and for the person who is talking to you.  Listening can actually open you up to a whole new world, too, which is something that I learned in my podcast, The Relatable Voice (RV).

Some of the top perks of listening to those around you

Even if you don’t think that something that simple can be helpful, I’m here to tell you that it really does make a difference!  Take a look at some of the things I’ve noticed in doing my podcast regularly:

  • Listening can be learned: Even if you didn’t learn how to be a listener, or you don’t remember how, that’s okay.  This is a skill that can be learned.  By tuning in to podcasts and perhaps even documentaries and songs that you love, you can teach yourself how to actively listen and engage with what you’re hearing.  This will help you learn just what — and who — you should listen to for the best results
  • People around you want to be heard: The people that are around you, no matter who they are, like to be heard.  After all, we all have something to say, so making sure that someone is around us to hear it — truly hear it — is important.  It’s one of the best gifts that you can give someone, too, as you’re about to learn.
  • Being heard makes everyone feel wanted: Whether you listen to a stranger on a podcast, or your partner in a coffee shop, being heard will help them understand that they are wanted.  That their thoughts and opinions matter and have an implied weight and importance.  When someone knows that they are heard, they’ll feel wanted long after the conversation itself is over.  
  • Feeling wanted helps people see that they matter: Last, but perhaps most importantly, listening to those around you helps them understand that they matter.  Again, it could be something as simple as tuning-in to a podcast or a video that you’re slightly interested in.  When the speaker sees that you are taking your valuable time to tune-in, it shows them that they matter, and their thoughts matter.  It also enriches your life as much as theirs.

Bottom line: listening shows you care

Whether it’s listening to a podcast like the RV, tuning in to a story your partner is telling you, or even just having a venting session with your bestie, listening is one of those learned skills that really does make a difference.  So, listen up and see just how your life is going to change for the better!

We all feel better when we know someone is hearing us and our concerns.  So, consider being a better listener however makes sense for you, and see what a positive difference it can make.

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