2 words with a Talent Manager – Ike Mann

2 words with a Talent Manager – Ike Mann

As a Talent Manager, what do you feel is important to for a manager to understand about the artists that they work with?

A Manager should understand that the musician’s main focus should be its craft. Without the product or service that the musician is selling, there is no “company”, so a Manager will first try to get a hold of most of the duties (as he or she can) that will prevent the musician from creating that song, scoring that movie, performing that gig… This does not mean that a Manager will be able to completely replace an Attorney or Agent’s duties, but a Manager will do create an environment where the musician can rely on the Manager’s business knowledge to cover these aspects.

After reading up on you online I see that in your personal time, rap is the main genre that you like listening to. What is your favourite rap track of all time?

That’s a tough one. Ever? Boy it has to be “Dead Presidents part II” by Jay Z. That tune is timeless. 

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