3 Things You Should Know About a Self-managed Super Fund

Superannuation is as important as any other financial tool in your arsenal. It can even be considered the most important since it will be your ticket to financial freedom when you cannot continue in the workforce.

But then, all that is left is to find the best strategy for you, and a Self-managed Super fund could give you exactly what you need.

SMSF is a superannuation fund unlike any other because you will also take part in the running of the fund. Financial experts handle other funds, and members of those funds will only see their money being invested for them. On the other hand, an SMSF includes you in the decision-making process, making it a popular fund option. But what can you truly get out of it?

On this page, you will learn more about SMSFs and why you should contact a financial expert right away to help you get started on this type of superannuation fund.

Hands-on Investing

If you are actually a member of an SMSF, you will have the opportunity to be hands-on during the decision making. If you want to have a voice on where your money is going, this type of fund is the right one for you. From investment decisions to the actual investing of the funds collected in the SMSF, you will take part in all of it as a trustee.

However, you will also need to comply with all the requirements needed when managing a fund. You have to keep track of all of your records to show that you are a responsible member of the fund. You also need to provide financial statements as well as the tax return file for auditing purposes. You can always ask the help of a financial expert for this.

Tax Exemption or Relief

There are instances when your capital gains will be exempted from income tax. Since you will profit from the funds being invested through your SMSF, you will have to pay tax. But in SMSF, if certain conditions are met, you can be exempted and receive tax exemptions.

For instance, once you start paying your pension or your super income stream benefits, you can claim tax exemption. As long as all of your assets are revalued, you can get the tax exemption for your SMSF gains if you follow proper procedures.

Contribution Claims

Although it is a self-managed fund, there are strict rules you have to comply with to ensure that the fund is managed properly. One of the processes you have to be careful with is contribution claims. You need to know several things beforehand if you are planning on accepting contributions from the fund.

As long as you have your tax file number, the right type of contribution, and meet the age requirement, you can accept contributions. You may also accept it once your contribution exceeds the capped limit on a given period. However, if you are still quite confused, you should enlist the professional help of a financial expert to follow the process correctly.

Deciding on a superannuation fund can be a daunting task. But it does not have to be if you have a financial expert to help you. Ask for financial advice regarding Self-managed Super funds so you can get the benefits of this type of investment.



One of the best aspects of gymnastics is that it requires nothing except one’s body to perform. There is no ball, bat, cycle, or anything else; a child may perform a handstand at any time, with no prior preparation. It offers the body an incredible sensation of liberation!

Gymnastics gear for children is also an excellent tool for boosting children’s fitness. Mattresses and bars promote physical engagement – what child can avoid swinging from the bars?! Kids gymnastics equipment is also beneficial for gymnasts who wish to train at home.

Selecting the finest gymnastics gear for one’s house might be difficult. There are several comparable alternatives to choose from, with a wide variety of prices.

Are gymnastics equipment different for girls and boys?

Most of the home gymnastics apparatus is suitable for both males and females. Gyms usually start separating female and male classes when they practice for the competition around grade school. Men compete in 6 categories in professional gymnastics, opposed to 4 types in women’s gymnastics. Pommel horse, rings, and parallel bars are among more “men’s” gymnastics equipment. These are commonly referred to as males gymnastics equipment.

Concentrate on what the youngster enjoys. Whilst house gymnastics equipment for specific activities (home bar, beam, or mat) is ordinary, many more products might aid the youngster with gymnastics. Trampolines are fantastic for developing abilities. Ropes dangling from the roof or branches work well, too (in fact, they are pretty prominent in most gyms).

What are the ideal pieces of equipment to purchase for children?

Gymnastics mattresses are an excellent place to begin when purchasing home gymnastics gear for the children. A Gymnastics kit is another possibility. A gymnastics kit is a collection of kids gymnastics equipment that may be purchased together at a discounted price. They often feature a gymnastics mattress as well as other indoor gymnastics gear.

  • Gymnastics bars for youngsters are enjoyable for all children, not only avid gymnasts! Gripping, dangling, and swaying are all actions that must be done frequently, especially by children. Hanging develops the entire upper body and helps with spinal alignment.
  • An excellent component of gymnastics gear to explore is a gymnastics beam for personal usage. Several low-cost foam-core beams appear to be harmless for children. However, this frequently causes their feet to dip into the beams, which is dangerous. It essentially makes balancing on a softer surface, such as a smooth beam, more complex. It is advised to purchase a beam with a more formidable base and an exterior component securely connected.
  • Usually, jungle bars or monkey bars are 3 to 4 points three feet high. It is an excellent technique to perform various gymnastics sequences such as kips, casts, and hip loops. It’s also helpful for building upper-body muscle.
  • Physioball is an inflatable ball that is utilized to develop core muscles and balance in the individual. It features a twin ball form that makes it simpler for children to use. The wider saddle shall give more stability, ensuring the protection of any youngster who utilizes it. The benefit of a physioball is its adaptability.
  • The springboard is frequently used in unison with a vault. It is a plank with a spring system that is intended to propel the gymnast forward and upwards. It is excellent for boosting jump height and also aiding with specific gymnastic feats. One or more springs can be linked to the base. The board is typically 2 feet broad and 4 feet long.

The Ukraine-Born Producer Milian Beatz Speaks on his Father’s Influence and Upcoming Music

While leading a life that is anything but ordinary, Maximilian Rostopora – known in the music industry as Milian Beatz – is making a name for himself as one of the next big producers. Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, Rostopora discovered an early love for music through his father, a multi-faceted musician who helped show Maximillian all he knew. By the age of 12, Maximillian was already playing multiple instruments himself and was making music of his own. However, tragedy struck him and his family when Rostopora was only 15: his father passed away unexpectedly.

After his father’s death, Rostopora and his family moved to Los Angeles, where they had lived for a year when he was a child, and he truly took his musical abilities into his own hands. “I was constantly on the lookout for other artists to work and create with, but nothing was really happening,” recalls Rostopora. At this point, he began producing under the moniker, Milian Beatz, which he still uses today. “I started making hip-hop beats on Logic and networking at various studios throughout Los Angeles,” states Milian Beatz. “From there, I met many artists that I still work with today and my manager Barry Rosenblum, as well.” As Milian Beatz, Rostopora has only begun to prove what he is capable of, and he is well aware of his potential.

His passion for music and unique life experiences have molded a drive in Milian Beatz that few others possess. “I don’t take the opportunities I have been given for granted, and I want people to know that I am hungry every single time they hear my tag on a beat.” Milian Beatz has landed credits with artists like ursa the Chef and Skippa da Flippa, and he is always working in the studio. More music is expected in the coming year from Milian Beatz, including a full project with Skippa da Flippa, which is likely to only solidify the talent he has shown up to this point. “I am not even close to where I believe I will go,” Milian Beatz comments.

Check out more from Milian Beatz on his Instagram, @milianbeatz


Ellen Alexander – The Conqueror of the entertainment world

The sky is the limit as the Russian beauty throws all her weight behind a music career that is poised to take her from the runway to the radio.

They say that to conquer the entertainment world, the right mix of moxie, grit, determination, and a bit of good old fashioned luck are necessary to break into the top echelons of the business. As a top model, Ellen Alexander has graced the covers of countless fashion magazines on both sides of the Atlantic. She has been featured in several television and movie roles as an actress. And now, Ellen Alexander wants to add another dimension to her artistic vision: singer.  

Is the cover of Rolling Stone only a few BPMs away?  

Ever after the pursuit of artistic happiness, Ellen Alexander has set her sights on the music world and her ambitious career shows no signs of slowing down as she embarks on a musical journey that she is soon set to release upon her fans. Naturally, Alexander is entering into a different phase of her career and expectations will be tested, but she didn’t come this far to stop now. We sit down with Ellen and get to the crux of her musical mission.  

What made you decide to pursue a career in entertainment?

My first photos were in fact made by my father, which helped to kickstart my modeling career. My parents are prestigious scientists, but despite my prideful family history, I was determined to make my life the way I wanted. So after my economics degree in Russia, I realized that my real wish is to work in the entertainment industry and I was determined to do so!

What is your background in music?

Well, I have been singing since I was five years old, music isn’t that new for me. My parents used to work long hours, so I would participate in a lot of after-school activities – choir was one of them. After I moved to LA, I was in the process of signing with Warner Bros, but had a medical problem so the deal fell through.

Who were your icons in entertainment growing up?

I am not sure whom I looked up to when growing up. But now I look up to some women in the same industry; some of these women include Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, and Taylor Swift. I would absolutely love to collaborate with any of these great women.

Determination is key if you want to get deep into the trenches of the entertainment industry. Now that you are in it, can you let your fans know how far and deep you plan to go with your ambitions?

I am not very disciplined. I wish. Probably I should remember those ballet lessons. But definitely I still like to dance as a form of exercise and stay in shape. I still go once in a while to a dance school in LA called Millennium dance studio. It is very famous and I like teachers there. Classes are a bit too full and now it is closed because of the pandemic so I only hike for physical activity. Sometimes I exercise with my girlfriend who is a professional fitness instructor.

Now that you have set your sights on a music career, how are you approaching this latest career trajectory?

I want to build a career in music, movies, modeling as an influencer and as a brand and putting lots of efforts recently towards it. I wasn’t putting that much effort before because LA is very intense and I have lots of interests and lots of friends.

Well, now I am working on PR and press coverage, a strong online presence, and music promotion. Besides that, having many scheduled shoots, going to music studios, finishing the songs and pretty much that is all I am doing all day every day during pandemic.

Unlike many artists starting out that choose the cookie cutter approach to entering the music industry, Ellen Alexander is taking a non-traditional approach to achieve her goals of artistic control – and domination…

When you started out in entertainment, did you have a blueprint for success? Did you wish to emulate someone else’s career?

I have always followed my beliefs and built my own strategy. So no, I didn’t have a blueprint.

How are you building your musical portfolio?

Now I am continuing to work on my music, working hard on one song at a time. I’m also working on creating my music label, GDP Music Group. I decided that there is no point in chasing a record company when I can create something I truly believe in.

Rock, pop, soul, jazz, hip hop and everything in between, Ellen is unafraid to venture into all these musical genres, basking in the freedom to explore her sonic destiny with no limits…

Musically, your sound could best be described as…?

I can’t describe what is “my sound” – my music usually tends to have a romantic undertone and is what you can consider to have a mainstream sound. I have over 100 songs that I haven’t released yet and I still prefer to release them one at a time, because of how different they are. For example, when you release an album all the songs should be in one vein, but I can’t settle one just one genre though. I like my artistic freedom.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, and Taylor Swift. I would absolutely love to collaborate with any of these great women and talented artists.

Are there other genres you would like to or plan to experiment in?

As I mentioned before, I don’t want to put myself in the boxes and limitations of musical genres and try to unleash as much of my creative power as possible. I think that my songs could be put into the genres of EDM, tropical house, pop. Honestly, it’s a mix of everything and that’s how I think it will be.

What is your creative process like?

I spend a lot of time at the studio now. Despite having and managing my own music label, I spend a big amount of time remastering, editing and change my already existing songs. There is no limit to perfection!

The Fans and the Future

What’s the best thing about your fans? Are you anxious about them hearing your musical work?

I always appreciate the support and positive response given to me by my fans, that’s how I get reminded that I am on the right path.

Where would you like to see yourself in ten years?

Successful, well-known, and accomplished.

What’s next for you?

Now I am working on new music all of the time. You can definitely expect some songs before the end of this year. I spend a lot of time at the studio now, working on music and building my music label – GDP Music Group. Ellen’s new music video to her song “Shadows” has recently premiered and is available for everyone to enjoy on Youtube:

To stay up to date with all things Ellen, and her new music follow her on

Instagram @ellen.alexander. and @ellenalexandermodeling

Contact Ellen for business inquiries:




Mental Health campaigner Anxious Andy says services are in a crisis

Andy Horner aka (AnxiousAndy) mental health campaigner in the United Kingdom says services are letting people down at a time when they are needed most.

Andy has been involved in leading peaceful protests across the uk and has built up a huge following. Andy is hosting an event next year in his hometown of Huddersfield West Yorkshire to raise awareness for people who have been isolated throughout Covid-19 with a lack of support from services.

Andy said services for people who battle with their mental health are in high demand and it’s getting out of control. People need the help before they reach crisis. I have battled with my mental health since childhood and been on and off with services for the past 30 years.

I have never known it this bad, especially amongst the younger generation with the huge sacrifices that they, and everyone have had to make through this pandemic.


Imprinting his name as one of the most sought-after social media marketers and digital entrepreneurs is Srikar Karra

Karra Media, his full suite media firm exudes the passion with which the youngster is racing ahead many in the field.

No matter how much ever we speak about social media platforms and the online world and how people and businesses have benefited from the same, it still doesn’t feel it is talked about enough. The role of digital mediums is only becoming more and more crucial each passing day and social media marketers and digital entrepreneurs are leveraging all these mediums to the maximum to take the best out of it for growing their clients with modern technological driven social media platforms. Srikar Karra is one amongst these young business personalities, who knew he could better the image of his clients through the online world and so did he with his immense hard work, commitment and his unremitting efforts.

Everything started for Karra when he was a teenager of 19 years. He noticed how social media platforms were growing each day and saw it as a magical opportunity that can even help him in carving his career into the same. Hence, he decided to first build his own social media platforms. This resulted in him earning massive followings in the year 2016. TikTok was one excellent social media platform that helped Karra earn great fan and follower base as he kept interacting and engaging his audiences with his out of the box content including business strategies and tips, life hacks, motivational posts, etc. As he saw his presence increasing, he started growing many small online businesses, helping them taste success like never before.

He initiated his firm ‘Karra Media’ after realizing the amount of exceptional work he can do with online businesses and help them to gain the status they desire in their respective fields with the efficient use of social media platforms. Karra Media is his self-owned full media firm that promises to take online businesses, brands and entrepreneurs to reach newer heights of success with their robust services through social media. Karra with his firm has so far worked with people from different industries and also worked with executives, influencers, content creators to amplify their social media presence and reach.

Speaking of Karra’s presence on social media, he already has combined followers of more than a million and growing each day and at the same time also manages a network of more than 100 million followers in total. Karra also owns a page on Instagram called @mindsetowner that is about daily inspirational and positive quotes, motivating people each day in their life.

In high school, young Karra had turned into a humanitarian who initiated ‘Insight Chess Academy’, an NGO, which coaches and mentors kids in chess. Apart from managing such a successful business with Karra Media, the youngster also has authored the book called ‘Best of Life Hacks: Thirty Nerdy Life Hacks That You Never Knew.’ This book of his has already become an Amazon Bestseller, garnering a lot of attention and appreciation of readers and media platforms.

Working with the aim to touch the lives of millions with his brand, Karra has already imprinted his name as one of the most sought-after social media marketers and digital entrepreneurs who yet aims to achieve many other feats in his career.

Follow him now Instagram – or visit his website –


Family-run Jawad Grill spot in Blaine, Minnesota

Jawad means “a Generous”. prides itself on delivering a traditional Greek, Mediterranean, and American menu with the freshest ingredients and authentic spices and recipes. Magnificent aromas from our Gyros, Falafel, Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Kabobs, Grilled Burgers, etc. fill the dining area for our guests to enjoy as you observe the chef’s preparing dishes in the gallery kitchen. Dine-in, Take-Out or Delivery Available 7 Days A Week • Event & Business Catering Also Available.”

Fresh, homemade and served with a fast and friendly service, the dishes at Jawad Grill have introduced a liking for authentic cultural cuisine in Blaine, Minnesota. From the very famous Gyro sandwiches to falafel, meat samosas or baklava, these cuisines are among the latest craze for food lovers across the city.

Jawad Grill, a Greek food, mediterranean, and Middle Eastern spot that offers Gyro’s and more in Blaine,MN , is another much-loved, affordable go-to, with 4.9 stars out of 175 Google reviews.

The site can tell you a thing or two more about. Jawad Grill has proven to be a local favorite for those looking for a low-priced option “Fresh Mediterranean fusion, Falafel, Kabob, Gyros and friendly staff!” it states on Google, CatchFood and facebook in the section highlighting specialties.

Jawad Grill is a family owned restaurant started by chef Atieh, who founded the brand with his fifteen years of experience in the food industry. Atieh has a liking for original, tasty food, and that explains the popularity of the gyro sandwiches, baklava or falafel. When customers order a dish, they are amazed by the friendly service and ample quantities of food served at reasonable prices.

Their success lies not only in their unique cuisine, but also in the fact that the food is fresh and carefully prepared, with a tidy, modern dining room and a family staff that goes above and beyond. Customers can call, use the jawad grill website or the phone to order.

And while Greek food is the theme, they offer too many dishes, including falafel and their own version of Hummus with chickpeas. There’s even a dish kabob called jawad grill Plate, featuring mix kabob with choice of rice, fries or homus, With cucumber sauce, and house salad.

While COVID-19 cut out about 80 percent of business, Jawad kept his staff working through the pandemic. “Jawad is my dad, and that’s his favorite Mediterranean dish,” Atieh says. “My parents’ idea was to have enough variety that anyone could find something they like.”

The pickup service and delivery through CatchFood Online food ordering are contact less.


Andrey Alistarov – director of the multi-part film “Igroman”

In February 2018, a multi-part series “Igroman” was released, directed by the famous blogger Andrei Alistarov.

This game is dedicated to the problem of gambling addiction in society.

Director Andrei Alistarov created a film script with an indefinite storyline so that no one could predict how events would develop in the future. The plot of the film depends on the results of real events, which, accordingly, are intertwined with the life of the main character Andrew.

The main character Andrew has been working as a locksmith for many years, but dreams of his own house, easy earnings and big money. Such a desire leads to acquaintance with suspicious individuals who get involved in gambling and other dubious matters.

To get rich? To avoid risk, perhaps even murder?

The director of the series “Igroman” Andrei Alistarov published the current problem of gambling addiction, which is especially dangerous for young people. He shows that this happens to a person when he becomes addicted to games, to what insane acts he agrees, and how, because of this, relationships with relatives and friends deteriorate.

Andrey Allistarov wrote that he was shooting in the comedy genre, and that he personally gave him great pleasure in his work.


LX Xander & King Wizard of Ghostcraft Music Helping Developing Producers Through Collaboration

Just a few minutes spent on popular beat selling platform BeatStars will reveal the vast amounts of budding music producers trying to break through into the market; and there are only so many major artists who need beats. How does a new producer with no credits to their name, limited funds to invest in promotion and no notoriety manage to get their instrumentals into the hands of established artists who might make use of them…? Enter: Ghostcraft.

Ghostcraft Music are a production house and artist development company, founded in the United Kingdom in early 2018 by ‘dark trap messiah’ LX Xander and transported over to Los Angeles the following year. Alongside LX on the Ghostcraft Team are ‘genius’ King Wizard and industry mogul Oliver ‘Big Papa’ Harvey. Between them, their credits include big time hiphop artists such as Rick Ross, Future & Wiz Khalifa, major outlets like WorldStar, Yahoo! News & The Source and also TV networks including VH1, VICE, BBC & FOX. They’re also Billboard-charting.

“There isn’t really a blueprint for how to break into the production game,” LX Xander tells us. “When you start out, you’re just taking stabs in the dark trying to work out how to get anybody who’s anyone to listen to your beats.”

“We’re trying to offer developing producers a pathway into the industry through collaboration,” says King Wizard. “They collaborate with us on some beats, we send out those collaborations to our network of managers, A&Rs, writers etc. and if anything gets placed with an artist, we just split all the royalties equally.”

“It’s a pretty established route into those inner-industry circles,” continues LX. “It’s just not really something that’s very widely publicized or talked about, unless you’re already in those circles, which is why we wanted to do this article about it – to bring awareness to that pathway in, for those who aren’t in the know.”

Producers send over a selection of audio loops to the Ghostcraft team, who pick out the ones they think will make for a great beat. LX & Wizard then use their skills to transform the loop into an industry quality instrumental, with all the nuance & subtlety required for an artist to be able to cut a record on it.

“There is a very subtle art to making a beat that an artist will actually use,” Xander smiles. “Most producers make their beats sound big and powerful and dramatic. That’s cool but actually, artists want a ton of space in the beat. The instrumental is just a bed for the artist’s vocals to sit on. There’s a reason they used to call them ‘backing tracks’. The beat just creates a feeling; it’s up to the artist to give the feeling context & meaning, through their lyrics.

Beatmakers Matisse Tsoy & Alderman are regular Ghostcraft collaborators, having made several beats with the team already. “They always flip the loop into something super fire,” says Alderman. “They’ve even been helping me to make more sales of my own beats, too.” Matisse is similarly enthusiastic about Ghostcraft’s influence on his music business: “LX & Wiz helped me to nail down my branding as a producer and they’ve gotten our collaborations placed in a variety of projects, including some major publishers. I’m also a rap writer and they’ve had me involved in amazing stuff there too. Now, they’ve put me in a position where I can carry it forward and help newbie producers myself as well.”

Producers can find more information about Ghostcraft at and can book in collaborations through one of the team. You can find them on Instagram below





Alderman & Matisse Tsoy:




Club 500: One Team and Thousands of Achievements

“Club 500” is a Russian private club of entrepreneurs and top managers with personal income from 1,000,000 rubles per month.

This is one team that has motivation, goals and mutual support. These are a few like-minded people who strive to achieve the best results in their field. The Creator of the club is Dmitry Portnyagin.

A few words about the club and its owner.
This is one team that has motivation, goals and mutual support. These are a few like-minded people who strive to achieve the best results in their field. The Creator of the club is Dmitry Portnyagin, who founded the most popular business channel on YouTube “TRANSFORMATOR”.

The idea of creating the project.
Dmitriy Portnyagin joined various business communities and in each of them he was missing something: somewhere the level of entrepreneurs, and somewhere trust and security. By this time he knew what kind of people he wanted to see around him. Dmitry knew that until he puts them together, in one community, no one will do it». And he was clearly right, because this project is the only one of its kind for entrepreneurs in Russia.

An example that motivates.
One of the residents, becoming a member of the Transformer club, received not only a new experience, but also an incentive to move on, not to stop on the results achieved – over the past six months, he increased his income 20 times. And there are many such examples and stories. It proves that this business project will come to its goal and make a great contribution to the development of entrepreneurship.

Club 500’s global mission.
The club was relaunched on July 8, 2019 with completely new rules and a new team, a changed product, event format, verification system, and a mobile app. The idea for inspiration was the Fortune Global 500 rating (a rating of 500 of the world’s largest companies, the criterion for which is the company’s revenue). The goal of this project is to collect or grow 500 market lea