2021 is a Year of Massive Growth for Stafford Beats

2021 is a Year of Massive Growth for Stafford Beats

He might not have known it then, but he knows it now. Patrick Stafford, aka Stafford Beats, stumbled upon his love for making music in 2020 when searching for a hobby to fill his free time. He instantly fell in love with the process of making music and, to this day, can’t get enough of it.

“Even after the 12-14 hour shifts that I worked in the military, I would come home and make beats for hours before going to bed and repeating the next day,” says Stafford. A lot of his time has been spent building up a community of like-minded individuals to help each other spread their music and create genuine connections along the way.

With ambitions to inspire others and take his career to the moon, Stafford Beats is fully committed to making his once idea, turned hobby, into a career. His path to success has been anything but average thus far, but it has worked out in his favor. Keep up with Stafford Beats as time goes on, as he continues on his path of massive growth in 2021.

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