Making the world go round with their insane talent in hip hop music is the group – B.O.Y (B3t On Yours3lf).

Making the world go round with their insane talent in hip hop music is the group – B.O.Y (B3t On Yours3lf).

AK, Porsha and Charlie, is the group’s talented trio who have broken the glass ceiling of a male-dominated hip hop industry.

Long we have known stories about the many men who made waves in the ever-growing hip hop music scene all over the world. We keep on reading so much of these men about how they started their journeys and the struggles they faced to reach the top. However, not many know that women have now come to the forefront of the hip music industry as well and it is imperative to also know about their respective journeys and the success they have achieved, breaking the glass ceiling and making their presence felt in a male-dominant industry. B3t On Yours3lf is one of the rising most girls rap groups, which has been astounding people in the industry and the world with their sheer grit, passion and resilience to take over the hip hop scene and prove their mettle as women hip hop and rap stars.

B3t On Yours3lf stands tall as a modern-day rap group run entirely by a girl gang. This sounds quite unreal and unfamiliar, but it is a fact. AK, Porsha and Charlie have made women proud across the globe, proving that women can become leaders in any industry of their choice and can go ahead in creating opportunities for themselves, even amidst gender domination and competition. They are not just sexy but sassy and savage, dazzling with their talents in music, garnering the attention of many in the music world.

Porsha, AK and Charlie have become specialists in creating refined and ratchet music and express their minds and strong beliefs with their bold lyrics. Their latest track, “They Like”, is all about harmonious anthems reminding people that they deserve the best in life. The studio is their heaven, where the trio gets their peace and happiness. Also, they bring uniqueness to their songs because they are aware of each other’s life stories, which is translated into the lyrics and music they create, ultimately connecting deeply with the listeners and music lovers.

B.O.Y has become one of the most talked-about red-hot hip hop groups that don’t limit themselves to the many preconceptions about women’s success levels in the hip hop music industry. The group believes that strong-minded women are finally taking charge, changing the gender inequality norms, and music is just one way of achieving this objective.

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