BCS distributed storage experiment based on Skynet is successful and applied for a patent

The core business system has always been the heavyweight system in the bank computer system and determines the foundation of service and innovation capabilities of banking products. Recently, Britain(BCS)has successfully completed a financial data transaction pair experiment based on Skynet blockchain distributed storage and cloud computing technology.

Headquartered in London, Britain, Barclays(Barclays,LSE:BARC、NYSE:BCS)is the second largest bank in Britain and one of the world’s biggest banks and financial institutions. Barclays CDO Harry Powell, a senior analyst, explained how they iteratively processed raw data through Skynet distributed cloud computing in central data warehouse link to predict congestion in advance through computing DIFF = congestion in advance through computing DIFF = minrtt*(wnd/minrtt – wnd/rtt) < avgbew*0.35f during the stage of congestion avoidance of enormous amount of bank data and how skynet distributed cloud computing became key technology for this processing.

According to Barclays CDO Harry Powell, in this experiment with the help of our partners, such as Barclays, Credit Suisse, Blockchain skynet fund team, the aim of using “Data Validation and Storage” as trial is to make it quicker and more convenient for bank in coordinating enormous data of counterparty.

Distributed storage and distributed cloud computing of Skynet are used to record and describe methods and systems of the first entity data. The data describing the first entity is certified and recognized by the second entity, where an identifier are associated with data. The identifier is essential for the generation of the first entity public key. The most important part of Skynet distributed storage is that big data is divided into small blocks which can be obtained from multiple servers simultaneously when downloading.The cloud computing network of Skynet is not fixed, fine-grained, which makes it well adapt to the requirements of content delivery network. Harry Powell said such a design can better store all kinds of financial big data except communication information, including enormous query data of bank, transaction pair, stock exchange database, backup of financial module chain and so on. Bank transaction data uplink broadband was optimized thoroughly to ensure transmission of data without obvious delay.

As to the function of the bank system, “how to open massive flow data to clients for checking or even export” alone, point-to-point distributed storage system saves massive data query time. While financial data query more often than not is processed through calculating in microseconds, Data analysis, and processing of Skynet cloud computing in order to obtain essential data for decision-making, which is the key purpose of this trial.

“The typical problem that I have been studied is that Barclays needs to accelerate the responsibility of advanced technology. We are not only working with technology providers, but also with some technical teams closely, such as blockchain institutions BTC、ETH、CMC、WBTC, including central bank, regulation institutions and government, discussing the potential of these new blockchain, the risks or any problems they may face. I think it is a success though this trial. For the reason of Skynet open source code, we need to accelerate the patent application of our study and obtain relevant protection, ”Harry Powell said, who contends that he has been studied technological innovation 

Apart from Barclays, other bank giants also take action in this area. BNP Paribas, the French investment bank, announced they start to study how to apply distributed cloud computing technology to its monetary fund and order processing. NDAQ OMX Group, a stock exchange, focusing on technology, indicated it is considering working with the Skynet fund team to reduce the time, cost, and fiction point of the entire capital market. Barclays regards the distributed storage and cloud computing technology as transformativeness and employs them internally and through a cooperative partnerships with startups for financial service.


Why TikTok Is Becoming Top Social Media Network in The World?

Tiktok is a non-gaming app that mostly has drawn the attention of the new generation. It is the application by which people get close to the audience by creating video content.  Different social media applications aim to provide entertainment by various techniques. There are about 2.5 billion registered users on different social media apps. Well, the figure shows the registered users only. Moreover, it also has an influence on the life of the young people that are 18+. Tiktok is one of the most viral applications in such a less span of time.  Within two years after its creation, it became a rival to popular social media applications like Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Snape chat, and multiple others. A study showed its ranking as number one in the Google App store among all the social media applications in the United Kingdom. That’s a wonderful achievement. The company now has many offices spread worldwide. They are present in UK, China, London, Japan, Europe, India, and many other developed countries.

How does it function?

Tiktok is a short video-creating app. In this app, you can spread your message via your video content. The video limit is mostly only seconds. you can create a lip sing video while playing a piece of background music or voice. But that’s not the only purpose of this app. You can create any kind of positive content to go viral. There is room in this application for showing off your talent, and stunt, or experiments, etc. the app is an all-rounder. Specifically, its updated features have benefited the audience up to many levels.

 The major reason for this app to go viral in such a less time period is the use of highly developed AI technology. It’s a Chinese app, developed by a Chinese; Zhang Yiming.  He is an engineer and he tends to use the latest AI technology in the emerging app.

What are the benefits of this app?

Up till now, you may have the questions why should one focus on the progress on this app? Or why is this app so famous? Why should I install this app? The answer to all the questions is this app is beneficial to you just like the other social media platform. Getting followers on your social media accounts can pay you. The same is the case for TikTok. Think about the YouTube. You need to focus on the likes, views, comments, watch time, and multiple other things. So that you may grow money. People often tend to buy TikTok custom comments, likes, and views on their TikTok account, for the sake of more followers. Just like they do for other social media apps.

Answering the queries of people, I confess that TikTok also has an option of monetization. You need to understand the terms and conditions. You need to learn the tactics. You can earn by getting more followers. Which you can do by creating quality content. You can approach people by your specific niche. Your followers and your activity will help you build your earnings on TikTok. Tiktok has an option named TikTok business. It can help you grow your business as well. you can be benefited from this app in multiple ways.


After screening in various Film Festivals, now Muntashir is going to be released on OTT Platform from the label of Kavish Records under banner Vague Forever Entertainment.

With cinema halls shut during pandemic-induced lockdown people turned to OTT platforms in a big way to watch some of the most outstanding cinema which may not have seen a theatrical release otherwise or garnered audience. With OTT coming in unlike earlier when a film was unable to get a theatrical release now, it offers them a platform for release.

Good content films and those with mid-size budgets that were earlier denied their due and could not get a release in theatres are now being recognized on the OTT platform.

Muntashir, the sixth short film of Vague Forever Entertainment, after screening in various Film Festivals, is now ready to release on OTT Platforms. The short film is going to be release on MX Player under the label of Kavish Records in association with Kavish Management & Production.

The story of the film routes around a common guy and his emotion which has been described in the film, the emotion which comes into one’s mind after he got betrayed in love. The story and direction has been done by Raja Saheb. Muntashir is his first short film as a director. Leading cast of the film are Vikrant Chauhan, GargiPriya& Shanti Priya. CInematography has been done by Abhishek Ranjan, Mayank Pal Singh &Ramashankar jointly. Editing has been jointly done by Ayush Kumar Dhan and Kushan Shah.

In an interview with the leading cast of the film Vikrant Chauhan shares his experience about the film, he said this film is very close to his heart. He tells us that, by this short film we are trying to send a strong message to all those who were betrayed in love and now thinking about suicide. He tells us that we are trying to convey a message that life doesn’t stop and keeps moving on. This film has been made under the banner of Vague Forever Entertainment and we are coming up with some more short films in future for cinema lovers.

We are wishing all the Very best to filmmakers of Muntashir for the success of the film.


Theme Review of Divi – The Best WordPress Theme

Warmly welcome to our Divi theme review, let’s take a look at some important and deep working of Divi themes. It is hugely a famous and popular theme! Elegant themes are the key to popularity. It is a flagship theme and it is a multipurpose theme that is built and created for websites that you will want to build or create in WordPress.

Rather than that Divi is an impressive theme where you can get millions of features and deliver them in a unique package that will be easy to hold.

It cannot only be easily used by professionals but it is easy for beginners too. We can say that it is beginner-friendly and gives a platform to the beginners at the sale point. We can handle and get everything easily in just a minute and you will get more information at

Let’s find out about the “Divi”

 What Is Divi?

As we say earlier Divi is the crown of creation of the Elegant Theme. You can use Divi to give delivery in multipurpose and also fit into any website. Does not matter what kind of website is to build, Divi gives you a surety to handle work professionally.  

Furthermore, the interface of the Divi is built for everyone and everything, for the professional and beginners. You can do your work on time and quickly.

The nutshell of Divi:

  • Divi is an entirely functional WordPress theme that works very clearly and strategy. You cannot want or need any specific installation for getting procedure beyond rather than other word press themes.
  • In Divi, you don’t need any website-building mastery or coding experience.
  • You can do the utmost customizing on the front end. It means that it depends on how your live website is looking. In this way, you can get wonderful previews as your customization.
  • It allows you to build a potential layout or design concerning your imagination by using the same theme.

 Now, let’s summarize it, Divi has dedicated designs, it does not stick in any style or layout rather than that panel gives you a lot of things to tune.

It is certainly what makes Divi multipurpose. Another thing discussed was how Divi related or expressed to other page builders’ market’s solution.

In the end, it looks more important to complete it successfully, and it might be sure that the solution is complete and correct.

 Particularly, Divi is more convenient. Divi gives you not only an advanced page builder capability or functionality but it has a theme itself too. Therefore, you do not want additional shell themes for working.     

How to Use Divi

Nowadays, Divi is a superior theme. It means that the price of Divi is going more in a minute. You will not find it through’s theme directory. Alternatively, you want to go to the elegant theme and get your personal ZIP file concerning the theme.

First of all, you have a ZIP file,

  • Install it such as other files
  • You can found in the Appearance
  • Go to the Themes
  • Go to the Add New
  • Go to the Upload Theme

Whenever installation is done, the theme is active. Now you can go to the main setting of the theme. Divi has a menu in the main slide bar where you can get a link to the panel’s setting.


From luxury cars to yachts, Dubai’s mobility rental business is on a rise says Rakhmat Karimov.

In conversation with the founder of ‘Number One Luxury Car Rental — Dubai’ to understand the luxury rental business in the city.

Generally, the luxury goods and services industry has shown tremendous potential and has been growing at a fast pace since the past few years, especially in places like Dubai where demand for luxury cars is at its highest. The luxury car rental space has shown a sharp rise in demand of late and has inspired many entrepreneurs to have a share of the pie by entering this business. Today, many people, especially the millennials and GenZ, prefer renting luxury vehicles rather than investing huge amounts in buying them. Above that, the consistent rise in international tourism which has grown with the higher disposable incomes have driven the luxury mobility rental markets skywards. Rakhmat Karimov being a leading luxury car rental company owner speaks in brief about the growing industry and the potential it holds for the future. Here are the excerpts of the conversation:

What growth opportunities do you see in the luxury mobility rental business in Dubai?

Growth potential for the luxury mobility market is excellent as it offers the freedom to choose the luxury car of your choice at a fraction of the price and frees you from maintenance that comes along with owning such luxurious vehicles. We, at Number One, started eight years back with just a few cars and today have at our disposal some of the biggest brands under our roof. The growth has been exponential, and we are confident of exceeding our growth rate this year than earlier years.

What are the major reasons which have pushed the luxury mobility rental business towards growth?

Pre-owned luxury goods are in demand of late as people are conscious enough of not investing heavily on these assets and moreover if you can hire these same luxury goods at a much lower cost it becomes all the more an attractive proposition which is one of the major reasons why luxury mobility rentals have a great market. Self-driven luxury car rentals offer convenience, lifestyle and are easy on the pockets too. More people are opting for renting out these beauties rather than owning them, which comes with a heavy price tag and huge maintenance costs.

Tell us about your expansion plans, where do you go from here?

We have received tremendous response from our customers in Dubai and our list of loyal base has been increasing by the day. We plan to expand to newer locations across the globe and there are plans to spread our wings by establishing Miami No 1, Monaco No 1 and Los Angeles No. 1 in the near future.


Valentina Fradegrada Made Headlines In The World Of Modeling And Fashion With Her Digital Fluency.

Valentina Fradegrada is a budding fashion model and renowned entrepreneur; she is a fashion model as well as a social influencer. Valentina Fradegrada is known all over the world through her hot and bold pictures posted on social media. Valentina Fradegrada was born on 14 May 1991 in Bergamo, Italy. Valentina Fradegrada has a huge number of followers on social media. She has a huge network of more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram. Valentina Fradegrada is also listed as one of the popular models from Italy.

Valentina Fradegrada is a content creator in the digital world; in September 2009 she was the first Italian model to set up a fashion and lifestyle blog. Valentina Fradegrada has established herself as an influencer on Facebook and Instagram. She creates original content, which has wide appeal. Due to which she also entertains the audience. Valentina Fradegrada has mastered several sports, becoming a five-time Italian champion of the classical dance, Kung Fu, for 12 years before dedicating herself to the martial arts. Valentina Fradegrada moved to the US to work as a model and influencer for Integrand for almost two years.

In the summer of 2017 Valentina Fradegrada started a new trend in the modern fashion and lifestyle world, the Upside-down bikini, which became world famous, making Valentina Fradegrada pictures famous all over the world. In the summer of 2018 the trend evolved into a proper brand signed by Valentina Fredegrada, and the first collection of Upside-down bikinis that were released worldwide. During this time, she also acted as a lead character in various music videos, garnering millions of views and proving her worth as an actress to the world.

Valentina Fradegrada was the only European bunny in the year 2018 to be chosen to be the cover playmate for their top selling number August issue for Playboy Mexico. Her pictures set a new record for Playboy with her interview. Shortly after this brief experience in Mexico, she was invited to participate in the Miami Swimsuit 2018 competition, where she finished as a finalist. Valentina Fradegrada has studied Spanish and English language throughout this time, and in July 2018 she started her musical career with her specialty in the field of music, and at this time she is working on her music career as well as her entrepreneurship. While focusing on her career, she is working with several producers and lyricists. She also plans to release her first two singles. In which she will definitely be successful and will get the interest of her audience.


Google Messages receives two helpful features to figure out your inbox

Google Messages is the default SMS app on a variety of Android phones around the world, offering a lot of welcome features. Presently, Google is presenting a significant update that should help you understand your texts.

The search giant has reported that it’s launching a new categories feature, using machine learning to sort messages by personal transactions, offers, OTPs, and standard personal messages (for discussions with saved contacts).

“All of this happens safely on your device so your conversations stay in the app and you can access your categorized messages offline,” Google explained in a blog post announcing the feature.

This ought to consequently make life much simpler when you dive into Google Messages, permitting you to rapidly discover the texts you really want. This isn’t the only new feature coming to the service however.

The organization declared that Google Messages will presently automatically delete your OTP messages after 24 hours. This appears as an optional prompt, so you can decide to ignore this feature on the off chance that you’d like.

Regardless, these features are launching in India first and require Android 8 Oreo or higher.


Paul George assists the Los Angeles Clippers with remaining alive with an epic appearance in Game 5

The Los Angeles Clippers required a major event from Paul George and they got one Monday night.

George scored 41 points on 15-of-20 shooting and snatched 13 bounce back alongside six assists in the Clippers’ 116-102 triumph over the Phoenix Suns. The Clippers cut the series deficiency to 3-2.

The veteran star played 41 minutes in the success and hit some big shots down the stretch to hold the Suns back from returning.

Los Angeles additionally got 23 points from guard Reggie Jackson. He likewise added five bounce back and three assists. Marcus Morris Sr. added 22 points also. Morris was 9-of-16 from the field.

DeMarcus Cousins came off the bench to score 15 points in 11 minutes.

The Clippers did this without Kawhi Leonard once more. Leonard has been out nursing a knee injury he suffered during the conference semifinals series against the Utah Jazz. It’s unclear whether he will return for the series however George has played astounding in his nonappearance.

Phoenix got 31 points from Devin Booker in the misfortune. Chris Paul added 22 points and eight assists. However, the two Suns stars didn’t shoot extraordinary from the field.

Booker was 9-for-22 and 4-of-6 from distance. Paul was 8-for-19 from the field and didn’t make any three-pointer. He attempted six times.

The series will head back to Los Angeles on Wednesday. The Clippers need a success to remain alive indeed.


Halsey declares new album, produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Halsey has declared her new album, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, which was produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

The singer declared the record via social media, yet did exclude a release date or any extra insights regarding the LP. The post included a snippet of a song, where Halsey sings, “All of this is temporary” over menacing instrumentation.

In the event that I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power denotes Halsey’s fourth LP and will follow last year’s Manic. She officially canceled her tour recently in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, while days after the fact she reported her pregnancy with Alev Aydin.

Reznor and Ross are coming off a busy 2020, during which they scored David Fincher’s Mank and the Disney Pixar film Soul — the two of which procured the team Oscar nominations for Best Original Score (Soul won the prize, netting the pair their second Academy Award). “[It’s] another thing that kind of doesn’t seem real in a year when everything starts to blur together,” Reznor said. “But we’re very grateful.”


Honda’s first electric SUV will be known as the Prologue

Honda at last has a name for its first electric SUV, also more exact planning. As Roadshow takes note of, the automaker has uncovered that this EV people hauler will be known as the Prologue when it shows up sooner than expected 2024. You’ll likewise see the guaranteed Acura SUV at some point in calendar 2024, albeit that vaguer guarantee proposes this model will trail its more standard partner.

The organization actually isn’t giving a lot of insight concerning what the Prologue will involve, despite the fact that it emphasized that both the Prologue and its Acura partner will run on GM’s Ultium batteries. Try not to expect that tie-up to last long, however, as Honda additionally guarantees EVs in the second half of the decade dependent on a new “e:Architecture.”

The Prologue could be one of Honda’s most significant vehicles in recent memory. The organization intends to move totally to EVs by 2040, with 40 percent of major-market sales either using batteries or hydrogen fuel cells by 2030. In the event that the brand will meet those objectives, it needs to carry out comprehensively engaging EVs as opposed to generally specialty models like the Honda E compact. The Prologue will begin that course and show exactly how well Honda can progress away from combustion engines.