3 Tips for Restructuring Your Mindset and Thinking Abundantly by Vivienne Posch

3 Tips for Restructuring Your Mindset and Thinking Abundantly by Vivienne Posch

Your mindset, the very act by which you perceive the world around you and reflect on what has been said or done to you, is not a fixed, static entity. In fact, it’s something that is fluid and agile, constantly bending and shifting to reflect where you currently are in life. Although misinformation leads us to believe that we are either inherently positive or negative people, the truth is that you have the power to change your mindset and think abundantly at any time. But it’s up to you to take that lead and make the change.

Vivienne Posch went through a spiritual awakening when she realized working as a tailor was not what she wanted to do with her life, even though she went to school for it. Coming to this realization was powerful and terrifying, all at the same time. Allowing herself to take a risk and become a personal development and business consultant, showing other people that they, too, can beat their mindsets and curate a life worth living.

Despite the hardships that she has lived through, she has been able to restructure her mind and allow the thought of a higher power or bigger purpose to live through her. Today, Vivienne believes every single person has a divine purpose that only they can fulfill and living out of alignment with that purpose can make them a confused and unhappy person. They must make the effort to restructure their mindset, which is something she helps her clients do with proved resources and support.

If you want to restructure your mindset and allow the best version of you to greet the world, here are Vivienne’s 3 tips for thinking in abundance:

1.   Realize That There is Only One You in the World: So many people think with such negative self-talk, placing immense pressure on themselves to be something they are not. There is only one you in the world, which is a beautiful, magical concept. Only you can fulfill your divine purpose, which is something to celebrate and cherish. The world is a better place with you in it.

2.   You Were Born with Everything You Need to Be Happy: Happiness isn’t spending money, buying fancy cars, or even traveling the world. Happiness is unique to each person, which means only you can achieve total happiness from yourself. But the best realization of all is knowing that you were actually born with the resources you need to be happy and fulfilled, already inside of you. Allowing your spirit and subconscious to spread its wings will make it easier for you to find happiness.

3.   Don’t Fight Your Intuition: We are born with a personal guide, a compass of sorts, already engrained in our in our mind and body. These compasses are trying to tell us what to do every day for happiness and preservation. Stop ignoring yours and allow your emotional guidance system to guide you today.

Restructuring her mindset into one of pure gratefulness, serenity, and happiness today. No matter what has happened to you, she challenges you to try and do the same. She is here to help.