5 Amazing Things You Never Knew About Joanna Heath

5 Amazing Things You Never Knew About Joanna Heath

Every television lover knows Joanna Heath, either from watching the movies Shut Up, You! Believe in you, or Backlash. You’ve probably also watched her take on the roles of wife, mother, and even a mobster on your T.V. screen, and been unable to get over how good she is! 

If you are a fan of hers from her movies, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the beautiful blonde isn’t just an actress but so much more!

Joanna Heath is a dynamic woman who’s open to trying new things and somehow, always dominates wherever field she threads. For 5 amazing things you probably never knew about Joanna Heath, keep reading below!

1. She is a creative director and a model

There’s often this bias people have against models that all they care about is how they look and nothing else. Well, this couldn’t be more wrong in Heath’s case! Joanna Heath doesn’t just have a pretty face but also an active mind. The actress has been previously involved in the directing of a photo-shoot titled Creation of Light & Dark created using tape. The work was published in various magazines and received critical acclaim. 

2. She produces films and writes 

Heath isn’t just an actor but also a producer and storyteller. Over the years she has been involved in the production of short narratives which were also written by her. For the film Snow Bright and the Seven Dwarfs, Heath fully showcased her talent writing the entire story, directing it, handling the videography it and even featuring in it! If this isn’t the work of a superwoman, then we have no idea what is!

Apart from film, the actress has also showcased her talents in music. She wrote the song Aleja Gwiazd, a popular song in Poland, and featured in the music video playing the role of three different characters. Heath explained in an interview that this was done to bring the lyrics to life and give the listeners a visual picture of what the artist, Madlen, was singing about. 

3. She’s an actress

Joanna Heath is an actress who has acted in over five movies, playing a different yet captivating role in each. The actress’s filmography includes Corrupted, Believe in You, Saving Dreams, Backlash and Shut Up, You! Her performance in each of these movies was captivating and worthy of viewing so if you’re yet to watch any of these movies, do so! 

4. She’s an advocate

Asides entertaining, Joanna Heath is also an activist. After arriving in Canada from Poland, she has been involved in advocating for the environment and joined in environmental cleanups, community education on the usage of pesticides, and have also created brochures on these issues. 

5. She’s a brand ambassador

Joanna Heath is also a sought after brand ambassador. Over the years, the actress has gotten deals with brands such as @fathom, @blissbody, and @shakespherehq. As a brand ambassador, she has featured in their social media ad campaigns! 

Joanna Heath originates from Poznan, Poland but has spent most of her career in Florida. Over the years, she has also achieved full representation in other states like Atlanta and Toronto. For more on this actress, writer, producer, and brand ambassador, visit Joannaheath.com!