Prayer Becomes Book: ‘Golden Prayer’ Gains Respect, Admiration Around World

Prayer Becomes Book: ‘Golden Prayer’ Gains Respect, Admiration Around World

Move over Eckhart Tolle. A new guru is in town. His name is Edward Weiss, and his book The Golden Prayer makes a bold promise; to transform readers in need, into readers who know, all needs are met in God.

The book is the brainchild of Mr. Weiss, who, after three decades of using this prayer, decided to make it available to the general public. Mr. Weiss comments on how he came about discovering what he has since come to call, The Golden Prayer…

“I was going through a rough patch in my life and needed something that would always work to lift me out of despair, and quickly. This prayer does that for me, and its never failed. I decided to make it public after realizing it could help many, many others.”

The book itself is a collection of five essays with each part taking the reader deeper into the meaning of The Golden Prayer. Chapter titles like ‘A Path To Salvation’ and ‘Forgiveness Of the World’ talk about what it means to surrender and let go, which is pretty much the core idea of the book. God plays a central figure here as well in this pithy six word prayer that Weiss promises will work anytime, anywhere, for anyone.

Does this author believe his book will change the world? “Yes,” says Weiss. “In fact, all people have to do is read the book and they will come to know and love God.” A bold claim, but as Weiss himself says, one only the reader can say to be true after reading the book.

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