500% Rise in Addicts Seeking Help

500% Rise in Addicts Seeking Help

The founder of UK service Help4Addiction reports five times more referrals than previous years.

Nick Conn hasn’t had it easy. As a former cocaine addict and police officer, he has had his share of ups and downs. Some of them involving getting hooked on cocaine, some of them involving helping others to get off the demon drug.

As a young man who almost lost it all, he made the decision to get off cocaine while he still could. Although difficult, he went into ‘recovery’ on his own, devising methods to keep addiction at bay and attending rehab on and off until he had a handle on things.

Now, almost a decade later, Nick Conn has established his own rehab finding service that is helping others to get off drink and drugs for good.

Setting up a Service Like No Other

Nick wanted to reach out to as many people as he could with his new service. Help4addiction was born, a rehab section service that caters to finding spaces in rehab for everything from alcohol addiction to too much gambling. If you need help with addictions, emotional problems, behavioural disorders, or any other kind of support for personality issues, Help4addiction can help.

Nick says that he has seen a 500% increase in people who need help since lockdown and Covid-19 started. Many of the new callers are those who were laid off over the course of lockdown, that don’t have money coming into the home. The majority are male, who have both families and financial responsibilities that they can’t uphold.

The increase in men who are seeking out the service has not gone unnoticed. Nick reports that men are coming to him who say their wives think they are losers, who have been laid off and are now suffering from addictions because of it. The pressures and responsibilities of modern life are adding up right now and hitting people where it hurts.

There has even been a resurgence in those going through relapses in Britain. Nick notes that he uses the acronym HALT to help him check himself. If he is either Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired, he is more likely to need the help and support of a relapse prevention class. If he fixes these aspects, sometimes, the trigger for addiction goes away completely.

How to get help for an addiction?

Those that are suffering from an addiction, can now reach out to Nick on Instagram (@dadinrecovery) to get the help they need. He admits that every morning, his phone is filled with messages from those that suffer from an addiction. They reach out to get rehab support from Nick and his organisation, who place thousands of addicts into rehab centres, every year.

If you think that you need help for your addiction, you should visit their website and fill in the online consultation form there. This takes the pressure off Nick’s Instagram account and points you to a place you can seek help from, immediately. Visit them at www.help4addiction.co.uk for more.

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