Achieving astounding success as a certified real estate consultant and trainer is Stephen Rodrigues

Achieving astounding success as a certified real estate consultant and trainer is Stephen Rodrigues

His immense love, passion, commitment and dedication for the real estate industry have brought him to the forefront of the industry.

No matter how much ever we speak about the success stories of the world across business industries, it always feels much more discussions are needed around them as these stories only go ahead in instilling more positivity, hope and inspiration in others to not just take over their dreams but also go ahead in gaining more motivation to turn their dreams into reality. Making people believe in their dreams and encourage them to take actions around what they seek in life is what Stephen Rodrigues does. This passionate man listened to what his heart sought and following the same he kept moving on his path, creating a journey of his own, his own way.

The real estate industry is filled with many so called experts, and consultants who talk a lot about how to invest and topics related to the same, but how many of the times have we heard about individuals going beyond limits to help people increase their knowledge, and gain great insights about investing right in real estate to gain great profits and returns? Well, Stephen Rodrigues effortlessly comes into the latter category of individuals and professionals, who today is a certified global real estate investment consultant and an ATD certified trainer across the UAE and has gone ahead in spreading his magic in India as well, where he was raised.

Stephen Rodrigues was born in Kuwait and was brought up in Udupi, India. He was not like the other kids who were okay with following what others did, instead he looked for ways that could offer something different and something from where he can learn more things in life. This intrigue and curiosity with age only multiplied for Stephen Rodrigues, who jumped into the real estate industry soon after realizing how it constantly boomed over the years. His resume is filled with numerous successful deals and projects for which he is known across the UAE and India.

Getting into mentorship was a challenge for Stephen Rodrigues but nevertheless, he took up the challenge and walked ahead thinking he could make a difference in the lives and careers of all those young talents who aim to reach the highest success levels in real estate. Sharing with them more insights, tips and tricks makes him feel fulfilled as he believes he is giving back to the real estate industry, which has given him so much success over the years.