A brief interview with the popular and talented Iranian artist Yalda Dousti.

A brief interview with the popular and talented Iranian artist Yalda Dousti.

Yalda Dousti Born in 1992 in Tehran, she is a master of painting ,design and also she’s a very unique and creative artist. She graduated from the University with a degree in Cartography and Architecture. And then she started working in that field , but later her destiny put her on a path that changed her life forever. Her interest in painting was clearly visible from childhood and artworks were an integral part of her life, but her professional activities In this regard started from adulthood and after the fateful event of her life, according to her, it was something like a miracle with light shiny hands that has removed all the darkness from her life and she considers this miracle to be unified with painting and art. Which has restored and revived her soul.

Let’s have a short conversation with this talented artist.

“Hello, dear Yalda , introduce yourself a bit.”” How did you start your artistic activities?

+ Hello, first of all, I am glad to have a closer experience with my friends who accompany me and answer all their questions.

I started painting since childhood and have always been very interested in portraying my thoughts and feelings through my art and I learned most of the skills on my own, but living conditions sometimes lead us to strange directions, and these made me move further and further away from what was made me feel closest to my true source of human beings. Nevertheless, Since everything will return to its original state in the whole universe one day, it did not take long for me to be involved with painting again, but this time art was a way to outline my life and then i reached a point where Only painting calmed me and restored my soul, so I continued this way heartily and well now I am at your service.

 Thanks, it was very pleasant and beautiful, you have done very interesting artworks so far. We are curious to know what is your future plan?

+ In fact, I am preparing two collections of works, one of which is almost complete, and I want to show them in galleries inside and outside Iran soon and actually I’m pleased to say about 60 to 70 percent of this two collections selling costs will be spent on charities.

– Such a great news, what do you think makes your works special and unique and why are them so popular among people?

+ First of all, I should say that I’m so grateful of their pure love and attention, and then actually I believe that since the origin of all human kind is from a single source and all of them are created by combination of art, and also each person is a kind of manifestation of God’s beauty and art, therefore, everything that gives us a sense of familiarity with our own principle seems good and peaceful, as all artists , when they communicate with their inner and reach the source of their own taste and talent can produce artworks that they also communicate with the viewer, as we say in Persian “Whatever comes out of heart no doubt appeals to hearts”

On the other hand, an artist, in addition to making works with high quality and beauty, needs to deal appropriately with people, and in fact, having mankind love is necessary to create the art full of passion. Therefore, I have always tried to be truly friende with my followers, to hear their words and to consider myself as a part of them, so that I can evaluate my own work from the point of view of others and be able to speak about their inside hidden words in my paintings.

And this feeling of empathy with the people and my homeland is so precious to me that despite the all opportunities that have come to me by now to leave my country and continue my work in more vulnerable places, I have never been able to leave where I belong because This sympathy exists in me in the way that I really share people’s pain and their problems, and the aim to decrease that pain for them and create opportunities for my compatriots as much as I can to remove a burden from their shoulders and on the other hand sometimes This suffering itself has inspired my work, which in my opinion is not ineffective in the sense of identification with the viewer.

We really enjoyed your beautiful speech Dear Yalda, in the end, we’re all ears to your last words and advice to your friends.

+ I would like to say to art lovers and those who follow this path, That to never give up your interest for any reason and follow it lovingly because it can definitely guarantee your success.

 So nice, we wish more success to you as you are so talented and it’s interesting and we hope to see more of you amazing artworks