Can You Lose 100 Pounds By Just Dieting? Evie Shaw Proves You Can

Can You Lose 100 Pounds By Just Dieting? Evie Shaw Proves You Can

Several diet plans promise miraculous results, but many fail to deliver. A few might work for a while, but you end up gaining all the pounds you’ve lost. Otherwise, they’re simply too expensive. However, you don’t need to follow many programs all at the same time; sometimes, you just need to discover the one that works best for you, and gives you results that last. Listen to Evie Shaw to know how you can also lose 100 pounds with a weight loss program that works. 

What drove you to start Speed Keto? Were you inspired by someone?

Evie Shaw: At first I was hearing about Speed Keto on the other Keto Facebook posts. Six weeks before, I’d already started doing Keto, but I wasn’t having any great success. At the time I badly needed to make a lifestyle change and get healthy, so I thought, “What do I have to lose other than the weight?”

What part of regular Keto gave you the most trouble? Why did regular Keto not work for you, but Speed Keto did?

Evie Shaw: For one, snacking, cheese and nuts didn’t help me. They were fun and tasty and all, but they hindered me. Also, some processed food might say “keto,” but they’re not truly Keto. I didn’t know all this information until I began Speed Keto, and I started learning from our group and moderators. 

Did you follow other diet plans in the past? How did they work for you? Can you compare them to your Speed Keto experience?

Evie Shaw: Oh, well, I’ve tried everything. Pills, extreme exercise, shakes and pre-made meals, Jenny Craig, Isagenix, Arbone, Medifast, Atkins, the LA diet, Weight Watchers, just to name a few. I guess some of them worked briefly. I mean I would lose the weight, but I never did get to my goal weight. I would just get “lost” and bored, and I would realize this wasn’t sustainable. Also, I had huge cravings. But with Speed Keto, my cravings became pretty much nonexistent. That’s a game-changer!

Who told you about Speed Keto? Did you read about it on Facebook?

Evie Shaw: Yeah, I learned about it on Facebook.

Did you try intermittent fasting during Speed Keto?

Evie Shaw: Yes. I believe it’s a game changer, just because it works so well. I just have to focus on my water, my broth, my electrolytes. And I always have to have my 3 cups of Bulletproof Coffee. 

What was your experience of “dining out,” or going to social events, like on Speed Keto? How did you incorporate it into your lifestyle?

Evie Shaw: To me, it’s just mind over matter. Sometimes, it can be a bit difficult. I’m only human, after all, but I’m learning. 

How did you keep your meals fresh and exciting on Speed Keto?

Evie Shaw: Oh, I love making my own menu plan. I print my SK 31-day menu, and I use other similar recipes so I always keep it fresh and new. I do prep my food. I chop the lettuce, and I make sure the cherry tomato salad is prepped and ready. 

I also love the mock pot salad and the coleslaw. For the coleslaw, I love it spicy with chili powder and jalapeños. I own the budget Keto and Mexican cookbooks, and I love them all. 

What are your weight goals now, after doing Speed Keto?

Evie Shaw: I’ve already lost a total of 100 pounds. So far, I’ve lost 62. I’m getting busier, so I’m having a hard time staying focused, so I try to stay patient with myself. This is a new life for me, and I know I’m still learning. It is a journey!

Will you recommend Speed Keto to your friends and family?

Evie Shaw: Yes, I already did. 

How long did it take before you started seeing results from Speed Keto?

Evie Shaw: I think it was 31 days. My first round shocked me! After one round, I already lost 17 pounds. My next full round of Speed Keto, I lost 16 pounds. I mean, this was after I didn’t lose anything from regular Keto. After that, I knew this wasn’t just a one-time loss, and that I needed to stay focused and give it my all. So, I was successful!

Do you plan to continue Speed Keto? Or do you want to pick it up again in the future?
Evie Shaw: Absolutely! I actually just need to get my focus back in. It was easier for me when the lockdowns started, but now that things are coming back to normal again, I’m struggling quite a bit. But, you know, it’s just a matter of trying to learn what works for me, being patient with myself when I make mistakes, and moving on.