A Canadian EV Startup Acquires The Rights To The Emily GT, Designed by Saab

A Canadian EV Startup Acquires The Rights To The Emily GT, Designed by Saab

Though it has been long in the works, a new company will see the NEVS Emily GT—an all-electric luxury sedan created by former Saab engineers—come to pass.

EV Electra, a Canadian startup, has taken over and acquired the rights to the Emily GT project from National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS). The rights to the Emily GT and Pons, another electric concept, are currently owned by EV Electra.

Despite not being a Saab, many have hailed the Emily GT as the 9-5 executive sedan’s spiritual successor. Swedish residents and Saab enthusiasts will be happy to hear that EV Electra plans to construct Emily GT in the former Trollhattan factory, which produced Saabs for many years.

“The future looks promising as we integrate these projects into our portfolio, contributing to the growth of the Swedish automotive industry and expanding our global footprint,” said EV Electra CEO Jihad Mohammad.

The name is one item that will change. When it arrives in showrooms, the Emily GT will be known as the EV Electra Emily GT and will not be carrying the NEVS or Saab badges. The financial problems of its parent company have hurt NEVS Cars. Despite desperate attempts to stave off the impending liquidity crisis, Evergrande is reportedly facing a liquidity hearing in Hong Kong in early 2024.

This marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for EV Electra, and “we are eager to share further details as we work towards full-scale production in Trollhattan, Sweden,” continued Mohammad.

This year, the prototype was unveiled. It appears to be a strong competitor for EVs such as the Tesla Model S, Mercedes EQE, and BMW i5. It’s a powerful sedan with a sleek appearance. Although the prototypes have about 480 horsepower (120 horsepower from each of the four motors), a 653 horsepower version with an incredible 1,622 lb-ft of torque is planned.

According to reports, Emily GT will run on a 175 kWh battery with 620 miles of range. It will be interesting to see if EV Electra decides to make changes to the drivetrain and battery.

The Emily GT has torque vectoring and is capable of turning without requiring the driver to touch the steering wheel because of its four separate electric motors.