A look at the biography of Aboos (Amir Hossein Abbasi), a famous Iranian musician

A look at the biography of Aboos (Amir Hossein Abbasi), a famous Iranian musician

Born in Paris

23 years old (born on the 21st of September 1998)

I have grown up and lived in Iran

When I was a child, I loved to be a saxophone performer, however, with the pressure that my family exerted on me, I started playing my family’s old guitar. After passing a short course on it, I was fed up with performing and left it. Meanwhile, because I loved computers, I began working with music applications and making pieces of music with no education. I dedicated a whole summer to it and when my father realized that I work a lot with the computer so he decided to introduce me to an IT company to work there. I was then 15 or 16. After a while of being drowned in various applications, I felt that I should get back to instruments, and I asked myself why making it so complicated? Then, I seriously pursued learning guitar again, but this time an electric one for rock, metal, blues, and even jazz styles. I practiced with my family’s Spanish classic guitar under the supervision of my master for a while until I could finally buy my first guitar and amplifier and started practicing with them. At the time, I was in high school and working. One guy in our school told me that his friend was obsessed with electric guitar and wanted to arrange a meeting to see my guitar. His name was Mehdi. When he came, although we were coltish, we played guitar, and there we made friends. We went to the library to prepare for the university entrance exam and together listened to metal and rock music. I stopped going to the library for a while to participate in music workshops and courses when suddenly Mehdi shared a piece of news with me. An international expert was coming to Iran and accepting any student. So, I asked Mehdi to take advantage of that opportunity but he refused. Anyway, I registered alone and participated in master Cristopher Goody’s classes. He was a French expert who works on metal style.   

In the first session, I did not understand even a single word. But I saw a man with long hair who was discussing with the expert in English. During the break time, I reached out to him and asked about his teacher. He responded that his teacher had gone to the USA, and then I said that I could not get what the expert was teaching. He said if you are looking for someone to teach you, I will do it. We became friends in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, and he taught me as well as a master, even though, he told me not to call him master because a real master is a very high position. I realized that the classes of the French expert are assigned for professionals, not me. The man who had accepted to teach me sent me on the stage to perform a piece of music with Cristopher in front of all those experts, and I screwed it up because I lacked experience. After finishing that course, I returned to my practice and school studies. In the library, I met Mehdi again, and he had found two other guys like us. One of them worked on keyboards, and the other one was a composer. Mehdi introduced them to me, and after a while of being together we created our first group, and we aimed to go to cafés and streets to play there. We named our group Pluck. The first café rejected us because they wanted original music not covers. So, we decided to record our works. After practicing, working, and dedicating plenty of time to the matter, we provided a couple of albums with some excellent tracks. Then we started playing in a café, not the first one because that was closed. In one of my friend’s galleries which was an art gallery, we performed in the yard for three nights with very few instruments. We did not have a drum, so, my brother decided to learn to perform it and join our group to complement us. We were performing together for domestic events to become more consonant, even though, he did some solo works. That is how our group has been created and then we decided to change the band’s name after one more performance to be Deathibell, retrieved from decibel in vocalization and music. Subsequently, we practiced intensively and planned for the following performances, however, we had not released any work yet. After that my brother was added to the group, we only performed twice, and then due to coronavirus outbreak, we were not able to improve our works and only recorded our works most of the time. Besides, because I was working outside, I could not be there for the team and music, I did not have the time. I intended to provide the group with ample money and that was my perspective. Unfortunately, personal issues among the group members led to the disintegration of the band and everyone continued working solely. Before the disintegration, I met Amir Yogo who works on rap and R&B. Generally, I listened to hip hop style as well as rock and metal, therefore, it was convenient for me to start performing music with Amir Yogo because when I was producing music through computers, I could only work with rap. That was before playing an instrument, and I was surrounded by hip hop. Anyway, I started with Amir Yogo, and this collaboration led us to record two tracks together. After Deathibell’s disintegration, I decided to pursue working along with Amir and became the guitarist of Paradise band, and currently, we are recording and pushing the band forward.