A man of many talents, Shahram Kabiri, is a rising face in the literary world

A man of many talents, Shahram Kabiri, is a rising face in the literary world

Having done Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) and Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) and International Law, Shahram Kabiri is without a doubt a well-learned and educated individual. 

Already successful in his business ventures such as Real Estate and Event Management, he is serving as the CEO of M1 Holding while also taking part in his family business.

Based in Dubai, the businessman belongs to Iranian heritage. He has gradually worked his way up the corporate ladder to become a renowned personality.

He attributes his passion for prose and poetry to his teens and young love, and has published two books:

Sometimes, I Miss Myself  

One Thousand Roses

Shahram takes inspiration from Victor Hugo and Roman Roland, with a desire to change millions of lives with his writings. From his youth, he has maintained a diary, often penning his thoughts in the form of poetry.

He started a personal blog titled ‘Parvangi’, and later transformed it into a digital book – to ignite inspiration among readers.

Shahram’s romantic poetry has received wide public acclaim. While many have been sung by popular Iranian singers, Siavash Shams and Babak JahanBaksh, ‘Mohtaj’(Needy) is definitely one of the most well-received tracks.

As a lyricist, he describes developing new ideas and perspectives as the most challenging part.

His books, ‘Sometimes, I Miss Myself’ and ‘One Thousand Roses’, are primarily a description of his thoughts and feelings. The former being about losing himself in love and trying to find his way back.

Criticism has never held back Shahram from pursuing his dreams as he continues to strive hard to become a better version of himself.

“I do mind critics and I don’t mind a compliment. I’m afraid of NOTHING but only GOD. I leave a piece of my heart in all of my posts. “I live in love <3” 

This is how the poet describes himself on his social media bios.

On Instagram, he has an avid following of more than 130 thousand. Occasionally, he also posts his thoughts on Twitter.

While regularly posting short poems on love, motivation, and self-reflection, his fans are also kept informed of his projects and travels.

Albeit popular, Shahram is just like any other person.

From childhood, he has enjoyed sports and martial arts. Ronaldo is his favourite footballer.

Travelling is a huge part of his life. While his heart is in Dubai, he often draws inspiration from his journeys around the world. From the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the Big Ben in London, he connects his passion for travel with his love for writing.

He is also does not shy away from voicing his political views and social concerns.

His social media merely offers a glimpse of the true Shahram.

On the outside, Shahram Kabiri is a CEO, Entrepreneur, Writer, Poet, and Influencer.

Yet, as you delve deeper – he is a just like everyone else who loves the small things in life.

From watching the gorgeous sunrise, to witness the falling of the leaves in autumn, Shahram loves to enjoy all of life’s offerings.

Sometimes, he is Shahram Kabiri – the people-person and renowned personality.

While other times, he prefers the companionship of his own self, thoughts, and passions.

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