Architectural Companies Building Local Icons in Littleton’s Downtown Streets

Architectural Companies Building Local Icons in Littleton’s Downtown Streets

When it comes to learning about a great architectural company that you should visit, then look no further from the architects in the iconic downtown Littleton, Colorado. The architects in this small State are building local landmarks. Seeing them gives us some clue as to what the future has to offer. Of course, the buildings reveal the most about its people and place.

Architectural companies are famous here for many reasons. First, they bring in architectural charm into their work. Secondly, some have built historical significance or a healthy mixture of both. The Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA), located at Littleton, is one of the oldest structures built-in 1949. At the time, the structure was built on a modern style architecture designed by Eugene G. Groves. He added a warehouse and later a second story to the structure’s one story and basement level, making him one of the finest architects at the time. Groves has designed and built multiple architectures throughout Colorado, seven of which are well-known and added on the National Register of Historic Places.

Corporate Architects Building Decent Designs 

Some well-known corporate architects are designing a decent number of local facilities. The scope of these architect designers is beyond just replacing or restructuring an existing design. They are building landmarks that are catching eyes all across the state. 

‘The ARCODEV Architects’ is a full-service architectural and construction firm established in 1988 by Norm Herman. Herman remains the master architect of the company. In the beginning, the firm had a Master Builder approach – approaching every customer from the owner’s point of view, taking the client’s take-on and seeing the project through completion. This led the company to build successful projects like car washes, automotive fueling stations and other repair facilities. In 1999, the company partnered with The Derose Companies to expand their portfolio. During their three-year partnership, they built key developments like individual retail, fast food and convenience pads. Today, the firm continues to be the corporate architect for Big O Tires, Grease Monkey, Midas International and Brakes Plus. 

Another great firm located in Littleton is the ‘Bryant Flink Architecture & Design.’ Ever since its foundation in 2016, the company has built multiple projects. One of its historic structures is The Missoula Mercantile. Cultural Music Library, MT Multifamily Whitefish, and Littleton Performing Arts are some other beautiful projects under construction.  

The BFAD, founded by Paul, is a full-fledged architecture and design firm specializing in commercial and mixed-use residential projects. The company is creating history as its being run by an industry veteran Paul and a seasoned architect Stephen. He has worked in a variety of projects like corporate, healthcare and other mixed-use residentials. 

‘M-A Architects’ is yet another construction business located in the heart of downtown Littleton. A full-fledged service provider run by Award-winning architect John Mathews. He earned his architectural degree from the University of Arizona. Some of the commercial projects constructed are Cherry Cricket Ballpark, Dead Battery Club and Park Tavern. One of its Hillside residential project built is The Martin Residence. 

Well-known Architects Creating Architectural Heritage

There are small architecture businesses in Littleton, Colorado. The scope of these small architects is beyond replacing the flooring or countertops. They are transforming human needs into habitual and visual structures. 

The ‘GS Exterior Experts’ is founded by Keith Vigil and Ernest Lopez. Since the firm’s inception in 1999, the company has practiced a customer-centric approach. Keith’s projects are an integration of landscape, home and the site’s natural features going into the home’s and commercial designs. His works integrate home’s architectural designs with its surroundings. 

From 1999 to 2006, GS Exterior Experts worked with businesses like Shea Homes and James Hardie Siding Centre for residential siding and window installations. Later, it ventured off to services like window replacement, residential and commercial siding replacement, installing home improvements, roofing and stucco. The company won BBB A+ Rating, James Hardie Elite, Angie’s List Super Service in Siding and Windows Category, Best of Houzz Award, James Hardie Presidents Club Award, and Guild Quality Award for its services.

Another great example of a small business is ‘A Guy and A Pencil and A Plan.’ In 1998, Jim Felmlee – the founder of AGAPP – started working for a small residential firm. He attended the University of Colorado in Boulder. In 2011, Jim started his own business, focusing on custom homes. The company provides services like architectural design, basement design, energy-efficient dwellings, handicap-accessible design, and custom home design. 

Littleton’s Breathtaking Views are an Architect’s Gold

The breathtaking views are one of the major contributors to raise such great architects in Littleton, Colorado. Architects are trying to integrate structures with the surroundings like the Rockies or oak trees in the front yards. Others design homes on the mountain properties with beautiful views. They are creating smaller or larger footprints leaving the natural beauty as undisturbed as possible. For example, the TPK Architectural company building projects like Hillside Oasis, Historic Remodel and Mountain Mid Century. The works of these architects are rapidly changing and growing the downtown Littleton.