A New Era with Compassion Marketing – Knowing What to Choose

My experience across various businesses, in all job environments I found myself, I was able to have a clearer understanding of the changing challenges that companies have to deal with. After the experience gathered over the years, it was obvious that the only way to overcome the issues is to help and guide business owners. To come up with a better future for everyone, there is a need for new tools and concepts for both consumers and the organization.

Over the last century, without any delay, we developed into a society whose focus is based on consumers. Being ambitious about improving the existing innovations and human needs, the focus and goal are driven by years of relentless and regular use of radio ads, TV commercials, billboards and the newly introduced platform, the internet. This, known to be “traditional marketing” brings about an eroding and limited model- the value you receive for your product and services is a determinant of how much you spend on marketing. Most organizations that came into existence before the millennia were driven by the same model but the disadvantages were recognized by a very few of them.

The Problem

A lot of companies made use of the brute-force mentality to sell their offerings. This started with the use of psychological weaknesses linked to the fear of meeting up with the essential parts of life. This was followed by a constant advertisement which enticed and found its way in an irresistible manner to those exposed to it. Over the years, as a result of the effectiveness of this model in attracting consumers, a lot of companies adopted it.

This marketing model raised a question as regards its sustainability. Associated points raised are if companies should continue using the model as their route to success, the possible harmful effect of offerings to humans and the environment, and the effect of the continuous usage of this model on societal development.

In the end, the answer to the raised question indicates that this marketing model could only deliver on a temporary increase in revenue and not success as a result of its inability to establish good character.

The Solution

Transparency, integrity and compassion are the essential ingredients a company must have in its Professional Code of Conduct. A company’s core value must show their intention and how transparent they are about what they do. This doesn’t take out the need to act with integrity and actively involved in compassionate actions. This gives the marketing budget a headway- coordinated by individuals who have the development of their society at heart.

Company Character

Every human is born with a core-character which changes and develops as we grow. The uniqueness in our character is both internal and external. Growing up, our parents and caregivers influence our character. Our own free choice only came into play later in life.

Just like it is in humans a company also develops a character. Nevertheless, what influences its development are external. The owners come up with everything associated with the business. They are basically the parent, and the idea needed to run the business throughout its lifecycle is the child. This is associated with companies, organizations, government, and self-brand.

The traits of an individual offering a product or service have a direct effect on how the offerings are perceived. For an individual who has transparency, integrity, and compassion, trust is accumulated quickly over time.

Marketing Budget

The passion that comes with running a business is as a result of the investment in marketing. When a company invests in marketing, it turns out to be creative, fun and rewarding. Being charitable is great, but a company fully focused on compassionate action has much more to gain.

What is compassionate action?

To unconditionally devote yourself to a cause. Dedicating your effort, time and money to bring about a good transformation in your city, the environment, and planet. The possibilities of compassionate actions are countless, and each comes with the potential to be far reaching with their impact.

Shifting Your Mindset

The brute marketing methods work well when you put availability and low price into consideration. Companies keep breaking barriers. A new breed of consumers emerges when they understand the importance of the company’s value. This new breed of consumer flourishes where all it takes to create a better world is being promoted.

Below are factors to look into.

What the new consumer really cares about, are the process and ingredients involved in making your product. Also, they are interested in knowing what positive contribution they make when they opt for you. For example, Your product must support their actions and represent what they stand for and believe in.

The Marketing Cycle

A cycle flow moves from product creation to marketing, then sales and finally when value is gained which is used to sustain the business. A company gets an added advantage when a company character is built.

The below illustration makes it possible for you to compare the two marketing cycles.

New Marketing Cycle

So ask yourself, how far the new concept can go, putting into consideration transparency, integrity, practices involved in coming up with the products and services, and the company’s involvement in compassionate actions?

The Tools

An important tool for a company’s growth is the ability to measure marketing results. This helps in coming up with what next to do. With the use of analytics tools in both software and on-site service, companies can track, measure and analyze numerous types of data that are business specific.

To measure transparency, integrity and compassion, requires data collection on a personal level using a questionnaire or interview. This records specific behavioral attributes which define how the company is ranked but, when you compare this to web analytics, this process is expensive and inefficient. Nevertheless, digital options are absent when it comes to measuring Transparency, Integrity or Compassion.


In 2017, GollyGoose was launched. The main goal of this website is to spread positive content across the globe and in the process, uplift consciousness. There is a VOTE button on every story page. With a click on the VOTE button, our Compassion Gauge Tool detects, measures and ranks your state-of-compassion in no time. Using a unique flower-icon, the compassion levels pop up, for all the ten levels respectively. You have your results displayed for 5 seconds, which is then added to the total to get the average.

Compassion Gauge tool

The Why

Our values include Transparency, Integrity and Compassion. With the use of positive and uplifting news, we are coming up with loads of benefits that an individual, community and company can tap into. On every story page, there is a Compassion Gauge Tool installed. All you need to do as a user is to click the VOTE button after reading and watching a story. The goal is to know the level of compassion each story evokes. Also, we have the Compassion Gauge Tool on the pages dedicated to “Featured Organizations”. With this, every organization with active stories on GollyGoose makes it possible for users to vote the level of compassion such company has. Companies and organization can sign up on the “Featured Organizations” section on a paid membership basis. Remember, a compassionate company is a successful company.

What’s Coming:

Come 2019, a new social media network would be launched. It’s called Coll8ctive – The Advanced Community Network. This network will work together with GollyGoose. It will have similar features and functions as do top social media websites; personal profile, email, instant messaging, community-wall, groups, friendship and so much more. Upon registration on Coll8ctive, you win points known as “Integrity Points”. To gain points on Coll8ctive all you have to do is be an active user. You have the option of giving your points to a company of choice. The more “Integrity Points” that company receives, the more integrity it will represent. The Integrity Points system stands apart from the functionality of The Compassion Tool.

What About Transparency?

Just as compassion and integrity are important, transparency is too. The aim is to make it possible for users to look into both integrity and transparency when rating a company.

To Conclude

Consumers will always want to buy from you, once your company shows compassion, integrity and transparency. Apart from the ads you have running on various platforms, value is more critical. For world communities to advance, there is a need to promote compassionate actions. I strongly believe that with your help and the introduction of GollyGoose and Coll8ctive, we can bring about positive transformations to communities around the world.