A New Game Titled Humanity Is Coming To PlayStation 4 And PlayStation VR

A New Game Titled Humanity Is Coming To PlayStation 4 And PlayStation VR

After Watam PlayStation 4 and Playstation VR is introducing another unusual game named Humanity. This game is based on the fact how aliens would replicate human behavior. Just like we observe the birds and animals and wonder what language they speak, how they live, what they do, in this game aliens are amused with the humans.

The movie arrives in 2020. It is unclear how we are going to play it. However, the topic is quite interesting. It is something whichhas never been introduced ever before. This game is a co-production of THA and Tetsuya Mizuguchi Enhance. This is a hypnotic world which is bringing the two main developers of video game to introduce this strange and unique video game.

The concept of the game is quite new. It goes quite deep to evaluate the behavior of human beings. The developers pay close attention to human behavior. Just like we are curious to know what happens between a flock of birds, the aliens are curious to know what happens between different groups of people. This game is all about how the third specie looks at thehuman behavior.

Just like we look up in the blue sky and see a flock of birds flying together, there are many thoughts that come in our mind. We love the beautiful movements of the birds in a group. We love the flocking patterns and the way they all fly together. There is a great presence of unity when the birds fly in a group. They perform various unknown patterns which are still a mystery to thehuman beings. Scientists are trying for ages to discover their behaviors.

We are transcendental beings to the birds. Have you ever give it a thought how a transcendental being perceives us human beings? This game focuses on that. Human beings behave differently in a wide variety of groups. Just like birds, they also form groups. However, they act differently in all these groups. Have you ever thought how the transcendental beings would think of us behaving like that? Looking at the different behaviors of our politicians, social media influencers, TV celebrities, what human behavior would they simulate? This is a special opportunity for THA and Tetsuya Mizuguchi Enhance to make people realize about the different human behaviors.

The trailer of the game has been released. However, you cannot say much about how the game is going to be. All you see in the trailer is hundreds and thousands of human beings. The topic of the game is quite interesting. So far the trailer is also quite unique. It brings a lot of curiosity. The trailor gives us an idea about the game but we cannot really judge what is it going to be about. Are we going to compete with the transcendental beings or are we going to fight together with them. We cannot say much about the response of the video game enthusiasts. This new introduction might be a great addition or it could be a mess.