A New Single Lazarus – “Break The Walls” ft. Lady Legha (Prod by Dr. Zeus) by The Doctor

This Doctor who is a rapper shocked everybody when he dropped debut his collection Chapter One: The Prince Who Would Be King in 2007 and from that point forward there was no halting him, he broke each barrier, each generalization and advanced in the realm of Hip Hop.

At the point when gotten some information about his most recent melody “Break the walls”, this sovereign of Hip Hop says that he needed his crowd to see the boundaries that exist between the countries and individuals, felt that it is the most applicable subject to the present reality and needed to utilize Hip Hop to address it.

This “Man on a Mission” anticipates visiting the world and breaking the dividers that individuals and countries have worked in their brains with his most recent single “Break the walls”.

You can tune in to the melody here

and Buy stream download now! http://song.link/BreakTheWalls