Anmol Dhingra – Youngest meme marketer elevated his chore to 10M+ fanbase.

Creating your own meme requires a lot of thought. You need to establish goals on how you want your audience to associate the meme to your company. Well, why not to gawk for the proficient in this niche. Brands are always coming up with new and innovative ways to capture their audience. If you frequently browse social media news feeds, you probably come across memes several times a day.

Anmol has completely brought up a unique way to present the marketing realm. Anmol is a 19-year-old young digital geek & founder of amplified his chore by meme marketing which ultimately assisted him to work with some renowned brands like “Netflix “, “Amazon”, “Zeemusic”, “Myntra” and many more.

Well, he is very renowned because of his meme marketing strategy which leads him to handle a 10M fanbase single-handedly in the present date. He compelled prudent use of the internet to attain as much knowledge as he can and built his own guidance of success. Thus ascertaining skillfully that marketing knowledge can only is accomplished by one’s curiosity and a hard chore.

Well, it’s mandatory to mention that his meme pages on Instagram namely, @69gags,, tharkiiduniya, and countless others are making a thousand faces laugh every day. For his upcoming future opportunities, we wish him good luck.