A pioneering businesswoman and well-known handbag, accessory, and shoe designer named Zufi Alexander opened up about her entire journey during an interview

A pioneering businesswoman and well-known handbag, accessory, and shoe designer named Zufi Alexander opened up about her entire journey during an interview

How would you sum up your experience amassing a handbag collection thus far?

I adore handbags and am really obsessed with them. A woman’s purse might be her best friend. When designing handbags, I take into account colours, skins, shapes, hardware, and all other important features. I’ve been designing handbags for a while now. I ended up acquiring a sizable collection of bags, both new and old, as a result of my obsession with handbags. The love of purses among women is ingrained in who they are. I’m intrigued by the personalities of those people. In addition to creating bags that make women happy, I’m interested in supporting women’s individuality with my new Instagram platform, Zedit.

Give an example of a time when you felt both positively and negatively overwhelmed by your work as a handbag designer.

When your collection is well received, you feel accomplished as a designer. When dealing with production issues, delays, and other situations where things aren’t going your way, there are times when it feels overwhelming, but in those circumstances, I find strength in thinking of ways to make things better. At the end of the day, despite the challenges, I am very proud of what has been accomplished.

You possess a selection of handbags that exude high fashion and are appealing to both royalty and celebrities. These handbags feature vibrant colours and exotic textures. What new products have been released, and which ones do you like best?

My favourite design was the “Kiss Me Baby” handbag. It was produced in a wide range of colours and skin tones. Many royals and famous people have it on their arms. It was made to resemble a butterfly because I adore them. They are incredibly gorgeous and elegant. The purse was fairly attractive and designed to appeal to women.

Being a handbag designer, what do you advise the fashion community to avoid when wanting to acquire an exorbitant piece?

I want to suggest that you pick a purse that you will adore for the rest of your life. I wouldn’t spend money on a thing that I would only store in a box and rarely use.

Along with designing handbags, you have ventured into the fields of jewellery and shoes design and launched ZEDIT. Could you please explain the ups and downs of it as well as how you make sure you keep track of every situation?

I keep track of every event by jotting it in a journal. Every little thing is significant to me, and I always try to take something positive from every situation.

We found the creation of ZEDIT to be a really intriguing component of your life. What further comments do you have on the subject?

I created accessories, handbags, and shoes. I have worked cross-collaboratively with significant brands and relished every moment of it. However, after 2020 (Covid), I understood that a sound mind and heart are what we really need. We require assistance and inspiration. I started Zedit because I wanted to bring emotional depth to fashion. My visitors should read the uplifting affirmations that go along with the fashion trends in addition to following them. The goal of the platform is to uplift and assist women.

What do you anticipate from your current work in the upcoming years?

I believe Zedit will provide women with inspiration, grit, and fashion advice. To offer emotional and mental support, we may reach out to women of all shapes, backgrounds, colours, and ethnicities to be allowed to express themselves freely without feeling judged or condemned.

What form of motivation will you employ to move forward on your path? Provide a quotation.

I picture a tribe of women that are at peace with themselves because they know and accept who they are. They are free to dress whichever they feel because one is one’s feelings. Both the worlds of fashion and mental and emotional wellness are inclusive.

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